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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I had a very naughty weekend

Weighing myself tomorrow and hoping for a loss. However, after a fairly angelic week, my weekend was terrible. Lots of treats and alcohol! Trying to back to normal from today until the weekend rolls around again. We're moving house on Friday so hopefully I will be too busy for over-eating.
And now for a lot of photos:
Saturday night:

We went for a drive to the beach on Sunday but it was cold so we didnt go down walking. My maxi dress is Primark and I'd been wearing it the night before. For night I wore it with wedges, denim jacket (Primark), gold bangles (Forever 21), pewter clutch (primark I think) and a skinny belt (primark). The next day I wore with orange gladiatior sandals (primark), gold aviators(primark) and an orange cardi (Dunnes Stores).

The purple earrings are from a market in Spain.I love this dress. It's a hand-me-down from Dunnes Stores. My sister lost weight and it didnt fit her properly anymore. Lucky me!
I can really notice the weight loss recently. I have a collarbone and my legs are noticeably thinner! Yay!
MUFE HD foundation, lipstick is Maybelline Color Sensational in Midnight Plum, eyes are 88 matt palette and Guerlain Bronze Dore 481 quad, and I'm wearing Benefit Coralista blush.

We had quite the sing-along!
I'm wearing clothes. I just pulled my straps down for the picture! Haha!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Right in Two lyrics - Tool - 10,000 Days

30 Day Song Challenge Day1. My favourite song: Tool: Right in Two. It isn't a happy song but but the darkness is negated by how beautiful and clever it is in it's construction! A song about evolution where the music evolves as it goes on, getting more complex and violent. "Monkey killin' monkey killin' monkey over pieces of the ground".

Beware of artificial sweeteners!

  • I just had a close call. Ate some sugar free sweets again, forgetting about the mint-cident. Luckily I was home this time!! Artificial sweetener ain't a friend! I didn't eat that many sweets either but, I suppose I'd been eating a few over the last couple of days so it probably just all got too much! Glad Diet Coke doesn't have this effect because, though I know it's terrible for me, I regularly drink 2litres in a day when I'm hungover!
  • Just did a spot of Google-ing and it appears this is common. I don't know if everyone is lucky enough to shart though! "Sugar free mints and chocolate often contain 'sugar alcohols' (e.g. sorbitol, mannitol or xylitol)."
  • Anyhoo, in less gross news, after yesterday's talk about not getting to caught up in weigh-ins I will tentatively say what I'm about to say/ type! Did an hour of sweaty cardio today and weighed 75.5kg- down 1lb. Whether this for real remains to be seen. My real weight will be recorded on Wednesday. Right now, my official weight stays at this Wednesday's figure of 76kg. Pretty sure I ate well enough and exercised enough to deserve a weightloss this week but, long as I'm on this roll I won't get to bogged down in the figures!

Friday, 25 March 2011

Change of direction and life update

  • 3 posts in as many hours. Sorry! Promise it's the last!
  • I am looking at the oul blog and thinking it is so shit! All I ever post about is weightloss and healthy living mentality accompanied by pictures of my unhealthy activities of a weekend! I'm forever thinking of interesting things to blog about and never actually writing the posts! I think I'm gonna bring back makeup posts and start getting some outfit posts going now that I no longer hate my body. I'm considering sharing more personal shit too. I have yet to receive anything but positive responses for anything I've posted so I feel a little more brave! I have more imagination than to have such a boring blog! More effort is required. I'm using this as an online journal- something to look back on so it fits that I should be more personal!
  • I have a few ideas for future posts that may pique the interest of some and bore others to tears so be patient while I figure out what I'm at!
  • I have busy times ahead. Oral Irish exam in just over 2 weeks. Moving house AGAIN next week because the place we've been living in for the last 6 months sucks monkey balls almost as much as our landlord and agency! Have to go househunting again tomorrow though I'm pretty sure we saw our future place today! With tomorrow in mind, it was probably not my brightest idea to stay up til 4.30am! Ooooops! The weather here is gorgeous at the moment. Sunny with very little chill in the breeze. Edel and I are already making big plans for the beach and barbeques for Summer.
  • So, yeah, next few weeks= argh! Moving, oral exam and working out like crazy so I can look as good as possible for the giant photo op that will be my nephew's christening on Easter Sunday! I also need to save for a gift for him and find an outfit to wear! €€€

I suck

I blow at Blogger! I am not a computer whizz and have nooooooo idea how to format shit as I'm sure you all may have noticed! Any suggestions for a dumb blonde like me? Be nice! :P

Continuation and update

  • Last post was about dieting and hunger! A friend read it and asked if I was talking about them and I just dismissed it with a simple, confused 'no' without thinking why they asked til later. I came on just now to update and reread it and was like 'wtf?!.. if you think that's about you then bitch you be starvin yourself!' :P However, I'm sure, if I elaborate, everyone who has ever seriously watched their weight will see themselves!!
  • I HATE the word diet. I hate even saying that I'm on a diet. I always judge people when they say that. I don't think the word diet, or my definition of it, is positive. It just makes me think deprivation, rules, limitations and hunger. Strict, scary, horrible!
  • Rules are not for me. The only rules I can ever follow are the ones I make because they are so flexible! There are certain limitations that need to be in place in my life but, ultimately, I live to be happy. Obsessing over every last calorie and every lost pound is NOT happiness to me!
  • That's not me dismissing diets or the approaches to weightloss that work for other people. My housemate is losing shitloads of weight on Unislim (Similar idea to Weight Watchers) and looking damn hot! And that shit ain't easy! The thought strikes fear in me because of the regimentedness. Numbers and targets and weighing foods and rules, even the fact that you have to be somewhere at a specific time and place every week!
  • I am NOT saying that my housemate or people who go to Unislim or WW or whatever are too hardcore or whatever, though I definitely think my hobag housemate could cut herself an occassional break on the exceptionally rare weeks she doesn't achieve yet another giant weightloss! (She reads this and knows that I am calling her a hobag in an affectionate way... that and she's a bitch! :P) My problem with the regime part, is the failure aspect.
  • At various points in my weightloss, I got really into weighing myself! That's what I consider being 'on a diet'. When you are rating your progress on numbers there is always a slight feeling that if you don't lose weight every week you are failing or setting yourself back or whatever. And that's the problem where I'm concerned- the pressure of it spurs you on when you do well and the negative shit that brings into your mind- I didnt lose weight this week/month. I suck. I am going to eat only grapes or whatever. I would not be able to do that but ya know what I'm getting at.
  • You cant ignore the numbers. You would be quite the fool to do that! I still weigh myself to check which way I'm moving. But I HATE getting obsessive about the weighing part. I hate doing that when I know I eat well 80% of the time and I really enjoy working out! Some weeks the 80% dips to 50% and then I give myself a talking to and get back on track! I know that's not an approach for everyone but it stops me getting bogged down in feeling like I suck when I 'fail'.
  • So, scratch that....when I wrote last time, it WAS about you, all of you, anyone who thinks it applies to them- it probably does. It wasnt AIMED at anyone though- nobody but the monsters in my mind. It was a general reference to shitty habits that don't solve anything long-term. Shit that loads of people do. It was me having a word with myself over feeling crappy for barely losing weight in 2011 when the important thing was that I was looking better and living better. I wasn't considering starving or whatever I refered to. I was talking myself out of falling into a pity party and likening pity parties to all the other shitty 'diet' habits that exist! Which is an important talk to have with myself considering I AM NOT ON A DIET!


  • I'm back at 76kg! Hhahaha! Such a plateau number-wise! However, I think I'm proving myself right here- SIZE 12! Kinda proves the point right?! I'm still a 14 in trousers but my 14s are roomier than they were a month ago. I tried on stuff today in the shop- sizes 14 and 12. I walked out with only 12s. So negativity, obsessive weighing and forbidden foods can suck my balls! Weightloss is ultimately about your own self control. Have your cake (or chinese food in my case), eat it too, then don't have cake again til you REALLY want it (Sometimes it may be 2 days later but it happens.) and then enjoy it all the more! It seems to be working for me even if that dick of a scales won't agree! :P

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Starving ain't my bag baby

I am still on plateau and I dont even care!

I refuse to be an obsessive dieter. I'm not going to constantly beat myself up over the things I eat for enjoyment and not nutrition. So actually I'm not going to be a dieter! I don't want to be on a diet for life. How many people can make that a success? Real success in weight loss, from what I've heard, involves an overhaul of your habits and does not happen overnight! I am not going to hang around the place feeling hungry just so I can say a weigh a pound less! Who the fuck cares?! I look better and I'm changing my lifestyle to make myself happier. I'm cutting out my bad habits slowly and building new ones but I'm not going to cut things out or go to bed starving or barely eat for a couple of days because I ate 300 calories too many one day. It's not a race to lose weight.

I know I'm going to hit goal this year- it's not even a question in my mind because I'm not going back. Some days I eat shitty and then I reach my quota and eat healthily for a while again BECAUSE I WANT TO! I don't physically feel good if I eat too much grease or sugar so, if I do it for a couple of days that's enough and I get back on track! There is faaar too much negativity surrounding the whole diet/ weight loss thing and I don't think it's ok. You shouldn't torture yourself- mentally or physically. Life is way too fucking short!!!

So, so fucking what if I don't lose weight this week.. or next week... or next month. I know what direction I'm moving in and that's REAL progress.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Weight/fitness update

Since my gym membership ended in mid January I've gone to a few circuit training classes and tried to keep my overeating and naughtiness to a mininum. However, I weighed myself today and I'm 77 kg- 12 stone 2! Grrr!!! According to compliments recently, I am looking thinner in the last few weeks. Goddamned scales just needs to catch up!! Ha!!After my shitty weigh-in, I worked my ass off in a kettlebell class. Fook, that shit is hard!! Re-joining the gym tomorrow for another three months. I have a huge target set for myself too... My nephew is being christened on Easter Sunday, April 24th. I want to be in and around 11stone. So I'm aiming to lose 14-16lbs in 7 and a half weeks. 2lbs a week sounds doable but will mean curbing my treats, working out 5 times a week and cutting back on my daily intake of calories. The official count will begin tomorrow so get ready for a lot more weight-related updates!
The first pictures are from Dublin and Wexford! My nephew in Dublin is adorable and I'd a great weekend in Wexford with my cousin and his friends. The other pics are from this weekend at home. I was wearing a really cute high-waisted floral skirt but didnt think to get a photo! I haven't cut my hair btw -it's just pinned back.
Ok so that's about it on the update-front. Feel free to comment! And wish me luck!!! :P