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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Beware of artificial sweeteners!

  • I just had a close call. Ate some sugar free sweets again, forgetting about the mint-cident. Luckily I was home this time!! Artificial sweetener ain't a friend! I didn't eat that many sweets either but, I suppose I'd been eating a few over the last couple of days so it probably just all got too much! Glad Diet Coke doesn't have this effect because, though I know it's terrible for me, I regularly drink 2litres in a day when I'm hungover!
  • Just did a spot of Google-ing and it appears this is common. I don't know if everyone is lucky enough to shart though! "Sugar free mints and chocolate often contain 'sugar alcohols' (e.g. sorbitol, mannitol or xylitol)."
  • Anyhoo, in less gross news, after yesterday's talk about not getting to caught up in weigh-ins I will tentatively say what I'm about to say/ type! Did an hour of sweaty cardio today and weighed 75.5kg- down 1lb. Whether this for real remains to be seen. My real weight will be recorded on Wednesday. Right now, my official weight stays at this Wednesday's figure of 76kg. Pretty sure I ate well enough and exercised enough to deserve a weightloss this week but, long as I'm on this roll I won't get to bogged down in the figures!


Blossom said...

I had heard the artificial sweetners did that...I don't think they affect me that way, but damn it can be inconvenient! lol

Claire M said...

difficult to run in that situation too!not good at all!haha!