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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Starving ain't my bag baby

I am still on plateau and I dont even care!

I refuse to be an obsessive dieter. I'm not going to constantly beat myself up over the things I eat for enjoyment and not nutrition. So actually I'm not going to be a dieter! I don't want to be on a diet for life. How many people can make that a success? Real success in weight loss, from what I've heard, involves an overhaul of your habits and does not happen overnight! I am not going to hang around the place feeling hungry just so I can say a weigh a pound less! Who the fuck cares?! I look better and I'm changing my lifestyle to make myself happier. I'm cutting out my bad habits slowly and building new ones but I'm not going to cut things out or go to bed starving or barely eat for a couple of days because I ate 300 calories too many one day. It's not a race to lose weight.

I know I'm going to hit goal this year- it's not even a question in my mind because I'm not going back. Some days I eat shitty and then I reach my quota and eat healthily for a while again BECAUSE I WANT TO! I don't physically feel good if I eat too much grease or sugar so, if I do it for a couple of days that's enough and I get back on track! There is faaar too much negativity surrounding the whole diet/ weight loss thing and I don't think it's ok. You shouldn't torture yourself- mentally or physically. Life is way too fucking short!!!

So, so fucking what if I don't lose weight this week.. or next week... or next month. I know what direction I'm moving in and that's REAL progress.


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♥Love your blog♥