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Friday, 25 March 2011

Change of direction and life update

  • 3 posts in as many hours. Sorry! Promise it's the last!
  • I am looking at the oul blog and thinking it is so shit! All I ever post about is weightloss and healthy living mentality accompanied by pictures of my unhealthy activities of a weekend! I'm forever thinking of interesting things to blog about and never actually writing the posts! I think I'm gonna bring back makeup posts and start getting some outfit posts going now that I no longer hate my body. I'm considering sharing more personal shit too. I have yet to receive anything but positive responses for anything I've posted so I feel a little more brave! I have more imagination than to have such a boring blog! More effort is required. I'm using this as an online journal- something to look back on so it fits that I should be more personal!
  • I have a few ideas for future posts that may pique the interest of some and bore others to tears so be patient while I figure out what I'm at!
  • I have busy times ahead. Oral Irish exam in just over 2 weeks. Moving house AGAIN next week because the place we've been living in for the last 6 months sucks monkey balls almost as much as our landlord and agency! Have to go househunting again tomorrow though I'm pretty sure we saw our future place today! With tomorrow in mind, it was probably not my brightest idea to stay up til 4.30am! Ooooops! The weather here is gorgeous at the moment. Sunny with very little chill in the breeze. Edel and I are already making big plans for the beach and barbeques for Summer.
  • So, yeah, next few weeks= argh! Moving, oral exam and working out like crazy so I can look as good as possible for the giant photo op that will be my nephew's christening on Easter Sunday! I also need to save for a gift for him and find an outfit to wear! €€€