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Sunday, 12 June 2011


Decided to go red. I loved being blonde but was too much upkeep and far too damaging. Some people can work the roots thing but, for me, it looked ungroomed or scuzzy or something. And my colour in daylight was kind of off. I missed having shiny hair too!

The red will fade like a mother but at least the roots will be less upkeep. I love it! I was apprehensive because I kept hearing/reading that everyone's going red and I'd hate to fall in with the trendy peeps but then I realised that, at least where I live, it isn't THAT popular. And besides, if I can work it then who cares?! So, yes, I like!

Body-wise, I've working on my stomach and loving the results. It's getting much more toned looking and I'm getting rid of the love handles! I've also started working on my arse as it seems to be slowly disappearing into a saggy/flat mess! :( So I've been encorporating bum exercises into my workouts-lunges with weights and squats with a fitness ball against a wall while holding weights. Buns of steel shall be mine!!! Weight is hovering around 11stone 1 or 2. I amn't so pushed now that I'm NO LONGER OVERWEIGHT! I'm focusing more on how I look and getting toned.

I miss checking out everyone's blogs! Throw me a comment or two guys!