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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Weight/fitness update

Since my gym membership ended in mid January I've gone to a few circuit training classes and tried to keep my overeating and naughtiness to a mininum. However, I weighed myself today and I'm 77 kg- 12 stone 2! Grrr!!! According to compliments recently, I am looking thinner in the last few weeks. Goddamned scales just needs to catch up!! Ha!!After my shitty weigh-in, I worked my ass off in a kettlebell class. Fook, that shit is hard!! Re-joining the gym tomorrow for another three months. I have a huge target set for myself too... My nephew is being christened on Easter Sunday, April 24th. I want to be in and around 11stone. So I'm aiming to lose 14-16lbs in 7 and a half weeks. 2lbs a week sounds doable but will mean curbing my treats, working out 5 times a week and cutting back on my daily intake of calories. The official count will begin tomorrow so get ready for a lot more weight-related updates!
The first pictures are from Dublin and Wexford! My nephew in Dublin is adorable and I'd a great weekend in Wexford with my cousin and his friends. The other pics are from this weekend at home. I was wearing a really cute high-waisted floral skirt but didnt think to get a photo! I haven't cut my hair btw -it's just pinned back.
Ok so that's about it on the update-front. Feel free to comment! And wish me luck!!! :P