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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Don't go changin'

Oh dear! I've been talking with lots of different people and been around a lot of people trying to lose weight. I have also become aware that a lot of people are out to prove things with their weight loss. I would like to think I'm losing the pounds because it will help ME in the long run, not impress other people. I let myself slide down the slippery slope; ignoring how big I was getting, burying my head in the sand and thinking that if I 'OWN' it, then it's fine (even if I was secretly deeeeeeeeeeeply unhappy). So now, every so often, I look in the mirror and feel good! I'm regaining control of my body. It is a JOURNEY and not an easy one but there is no need to be a dick just because you're on track.

I know a girl who has lost a lot of weight- who never even had MUCH to lose- and is seemingly determined to draw attention to how different she is now; not physically but in her lifestyle. It makes me sad because she seemed very much an 'OWN IT' type of girl. I get that you're proud of yourself but there's more to a person than their dress size.

Weightloss is only one part of your life but because weight and body image are so important to women it can really effect other aspects of life. I'm lucky because my housemate has joined Unislim so is very much on the wagon and we can talk about shared excitement when we drop a few pounds and are very supportive of each other. It's nice to cut through the bullshit and be honest. Weightloss is as simple as eat less, excercise more. There's no need to be a total psycho about it. It's not easy but it shouldnt rule your life either.


Delliemcc said...

Eugh you blog HATES me commenting, already wrote out 2 that wouldn't go through.

CREAM fest on RTE - Carter one of the All Blacks, I'd even put aside my hatred of the Kiwi accent..... Yum

Delliemcc said...

And I LOOOOOVE that after getting a comment that went through I forgot to say what I was meant to say, instead chatting about creaming...

ANYWAY - I like that we do cut through the bullshit, like I did the other day, "I can't stop admiring myself" Because it IS about regaining confidence and feeling great.

To be really brutally honest - that week I stayed the same and you lost weight, I was HELLA jealous, and felt like I'd failed, but then I realised that if I judge my weightloss as a competition it WILL fail. It's better to just admire the great work your doing, and feel great about the great work I'm doing. And just continue on my merry way, regardless of what you do.

Otherwise you'd just be doomed to fail. Competition can not be your motivation, it just CANT

Miss Frangipani said...

Well said honey.Please feel free to cyber bitch slap me if I ever become one of those women.xx

Claire M said...

we should be ok. long as we can still have a tipple or two to keep us sane!!! :P