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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

On my soup diet

So I was meant to be on a soup and smoothie diet but I didn't buy my fruit so had soups and a W W frozen dinner as well as some snacks.
Today I ate:

*Veg and chicken soup: 115 cals
W W Spag bol 306 cals
1 slice Hovis Nimble wholemeal bread 48 cals
*Mexican chilli soup 135 cals 604
Half a packet of sugar free Polo mints 40 cals
Granny Smith apple x 3 198 cals
*Veg and chicken soup 115cals
Activia fat free forest fruit 58 cals

2 green teas**
2 peppermint teas
Double expresso

1015- wow that's low! And I'm not hungry! I'm totally not doing this daily but I want to start changing my eating patterns. I 'm doing 2 days to kickstart a healthier routine and then might do a day here and there on the days I'm not working out. Any more and I'd start going crazy missing real food. (I'd also probably faint at the gym.) On my gym days I'll be aiming for 1300- 1500 ish.

*Soups are Tesco own brand. Half a carton is a portion and, although they're a little high in salt, they are really low in calories while being quite filling. They're chunky so I add a little water, pepper and chilli and puree them because I hate the chunks. I know pre-made soups aren't the healthiest but they're crazy handy, on special offer at the minute, taste good and there's no difficulty calculating calories.

Also plan to get a good workout in tomorrow. I skipped the gym because I was busy today and my muscles were sore from Tuesday's workout- think it was the fitness ball exercises with weights that did it. I'd a nice swim afterwards too, which I hadn't done in a few weeks. I want to get back into that habit so will be trying to get a swim in tomorrow as well as a good weight/ cardio mix.
** Throw away your condoms peeps- you're protected!(Click on the pic to read more.)