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Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Where I'm at:

Ok, so it's a bad picture but even with that you can see I have a belly, regardless of the angle.
November:I'm def getting more waist definition and less belly. SLOWLY getting there!
(Excuse the visible bra. Turns out I don't have many plain black bras. Silly pink ribbons! )
** First outfit is from New Look in size 16 but could have benefit from some Spanx-esque support!
** Second outfit: Top (14), jacket (14) and jewellry are Primark. Skirt (with belt) is from ASOS (16).

So yesterday and today I lowered my calorie intake significantly. Tomorrow will be a soup and smoothie day. May do it for Thursday too if I'm not too hungry.

I had put on a pound but I've lost it and am back at 12.12. I've decided I need to stop weighing myself so often and from now on it'll be on Mondays only. The next few Mondays are important!

Christmas kicks off for me on Saturday 18th when I'll visit my sexy bitch friend Charlene in Galway, two hours away. A night of hijinks will ensue no doubt seeing as that is the unofficial night of the 12 pubs of Christmas.

(The 12 pubs is a popular kick-off of the festivities. It's a big, messy pub crawl with rules. One drink per bar in a certain time frame with a certain amount of loo breaks and so on. Dirty Irish alcos, eh?! I don't know that I fully approve because I know me with 12 drinks and it ain't pretty but each to their own!)

Anyway, so I'm working towards Christmas size 14 and it will have to be achieved by the 18th which, as of now ( 2.40am 24th Nov), gives me 25 days. I don't know how many lbs this will take but if I can be losing 2 a week, I'll be well pleased!


Lexie said...

Looking hot girly! I also have that top in the first picture! The red skirt is gorgeous!

Keep up your awesomeness xxx

Claire M said...


Miss Frangipani said...

Honey,you look smokin hot in ALL those photos! And your last post was so awesome it deserved a dedication.xo

Claire M said...

Thanks lady!!!!x