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Saturday, 27 November 2010


I'm sitting in the office at my Mum's work helping out for a few hours and wearing my size 14 trousers! :)

I was so annoyed because I missed my delivery from ASOS yesterday and went in to the post office with the slip to pick it up today and was told they don't do package collection on Saturday! Grrrrr! It's a post office.... POST office! What's the point of being open if I can't pick up my damned post?!!?!So now I've to wait til Monday and I'm very anxious to try these size 14 dresses on and see if they fit and if they look in any way nice!

Also on Monday is my weigh-in. I've been cheating and weighing myself at the gym and apparently I've lost 4lbs since Tuesday but it's not official til Monday.

The gym is going well. I've been 4 times this week including swimming twice as well as my usual mixture of weights and cardio, weight machines and free weights with fitness ball. I'm trying to remember to keep my core engaged as much as possible too. Food-wise I've been doing good this week too- mostly healthy meals and snacks and generally low-calorie.

Yesterday, though, I relaxed for the day and had some treats. I'd a pint of Coors Light, over half of a homemade pepper and chorizo pizza (I went light on the chorizo and cheese and heavy on the fresh chillis) as well as half a bag of microwave popcorn and 2 packets of Banshee Bones which are my weakness (at least they're only about 100 calories per pack). I also had some chicken and veg soup and a couple of apples with peanut butter as well as water, Coke Zero, 2 cups of green tea and 2 double expressos.

Saturday night is looming which means white wine and X Factor. Tomorrow I'll probably sleep all day, eat something low calorie like soup (surprise, surprise) and then get my usual Chinese takeaway of (dry, battered) salt and chilli chicken and boiled rice- cos I'm badass like that! And then it's Monday and my weigh-in and Asos dresses! Can't wait!