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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Upcoming shit that makes me excited

I have one follower but I still enjoy posting on this because you never know who's actually reading. Sometimes I search something really specific and am like thank God for blogs because at least one person will have some info/ pics. It's especiall the case for living outside the US so I will keep writing for anyone who happens to find me!! My camera sucks but I still like to try because I enjoy it!

I have ordered lots of things onlin which I am REALLY excited about!
*Getting some MAC lipsticks. I currently only have one! Have ordered 3 more on which probably worked out the same as it would if I bought them in-store! The staff in Madrid's MAC store are very snooty though and it's more convenient online.
*Also ordered a whole load of loose shadows from amazing range of shades. Hope they live up to my expectations.
* I loved the 88 shimmer palette so I've ordered the matt one from
*From I've ordered 7 NYX lipsticks, a couple of liners, a red pigment and a MIlani bluch which is meant to be a dupe for the famed NARS Orgasm.


I was also tryin to place another order with cherryculture last night because they're having a sale, I need a foundation for fair skin (the lightest available locally is too dark), and I'm also craving more of those fab lipsticks. I've yet to try the brand but from pervin' round online, I'm in love with NYX. Anyway so it wouldn't work for me! :(

Oh well, will be consoled when a packeage arrives!!


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