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Thursday, 4 February 2010

My life right now

My life week to week in Spain doesn't sound too exciting.

I work Monday to Thursday from roughly 12 to 9/10 before which I sleep and after which I have dinner and spend the night online. On Thursday nights we usually go to a late bar with a movie theme to sit and drink, watch music videos on the big screen and play drinking games. Friday is spent sleeping/ shopping/ lounging around and maybe having afternoon beers before heading to a few bars that night. Saturday is for doing nothing- maybe some beautification or cleaning of the apartment and the night is for heading to the old part of town for a pub crawl through some of the bars that the young people visit before a club. Depending on the mood, if we last til closing at around 6/7 we find another bar and drink til we're sleepy/drunk. Come home, sleep, go for coffee/beer and chat about the weekend before crashing and doing it all over again!

It's not all stree free; we have a nosy/crazy landlady and our boss isn't exactly sticking to our contracted hours but in all I can't complain. I'm a very up and down person so some days I can't help but dwell on the shitty parts but I always cop myself on and realise that I AM DAMN LUCKY!!

I actually really enjoy it like this! I don't get bored too often. I don't get homesick cos I know I can easily go home and because I talk online with my family. There are hot dudes too.

I know it's kind of a waste that we don't do day trips though but we do intend to. In fact this Saturday we're going to San Sebastian for the day and then the weekend after we're doing our second Madrid weekend because my biatch Edel's parents are flyin over for a couple of days!

It beats the 6 day work weeks of Korea which usually resulted in about 5 days of drinking! Not condusive with good teaching practices! I loved my friends there but the lifestyle sucked. I amn't very healthy now but at least I give my liver a break 3 days a week.

Between now and June when I finish I do intend to make some trips. On our Easter break we're hoping to go a few places in Spain and maybe to Morocco. But let's see what happens!