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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Sexy men of music

Here are some hotties who get my juices flowin(ha), some who are strange attractions and some who I just think rock and so, therefore, I soooo would!

M Shadows- Avenged Sevenfold vocalist with nice arms and a cute face that doesn't really match the tattooed hard man look!

John Frusciante- Red Hot Chili Pepper guitarist with some moments of genius amongst his solo work. Total music nerd sexiness credentials. He has come back from the dead to keep doing what he loves. Talent is hoooot!

Serj Tankian. Political activist. Quirky. Cute. Old!

John Dolmayan (System of a Down) Armssssss!

Adam Levine
He is a bit cheesy but somehow sexy.

Brandon Flowers
Can't decide if I like them or if he bugs the shit out of me but either way, he's damn cute!

Jared Followill
The yummiest of Kings of Leon (though I wouldnt turn either of his brothers down)! He doesn't even look good here but google him, he is! Had to pick this pic cos Chuck Bass (I can't be arsed to check his real name- Ed something. He'll always be Chuck Bass to me) just cracks me up with his big serious face and SHINNNNNY LEATHER PANTS!

Jon Lajoie
Funny as fuck

Serge Pizzorno
I like his name, his model-iness mixed with the grunginess of the band image.

Fabrizio Moretti
I won't make any 'Strokes' jokes!

Jonny Greenwood
He looks good in a suit.

Ohhhh! Very nice post!