Press Play!!


Friday, 19 February 2010

Ohhhh rebel!!

Can I make a crazy, outlandish statement???
Ok, I'll go for it.....
argh..... I'm afraid!
Ok.............. here goes.....
Kim Kardashian is not all that!!!
The smokey eye and nude lip is a look that goes back a long time... as in before Kim's time! There is no doubt that she is a very pretty lady but REALLY she has her certain look- smokey eyes with warm shades of brown and gold or black/grey mixed with either nude or red lips. Being honest- that's very stereotypical of my favourite/ most safe makeup so I do think it is faaaaaaaaaaaaaab. But, really, sexy makeup is smokey eyes, shimmering skin and nude/red lips. Red is instant Marilyn effect and nude lips are so Bardot that people can't help but think of the word sexy. Kim is lucky in that she has a great face to carry off looks that combine the looks but there are many pretty ladies around. To me, it's strange that a woman with little more than a Playboy shoot and a porn vid shows up so regularly on my computer screen! Yes, she is pretty but there are sooooooooo many gorgeous ladies who show fab makeup looks. I wanna see something different. I loooooooooooooove sex kitten makeup but there has to be more to it than Kim Kardashian who is just a prettier Paris Hilton.