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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Mac lipsticks from Ebay

Got a nice surprise today! My Ebay shit arrived! Mac lipsticks in Shy Girl, Myth and Angel. Didn't care so much about Shy Girl but Myth= perfect pale beige-y nude and Angel= gorgeous pale pink! :) I like Shy Girl but I was obsessed with getting my hands on the other 2!!! Done and dusted! Yay yay yay!!

Looked like shit so wasn't sure about posting a pic but here we are regardless. I've been trying to tone down on my use of makeup for day to day. NOt every day just some days for variety. I love dark-ass eye makeup but have been trying to wean myself. So here I am without half of my face!

eyes: 88 shimmer palette(highlighter and a light shimmery brown), brown eyeliner(Etude House), black mascara(Etude House), liquid liner(Rimmel Exagerate)
lips: Mac Angel

Excited to use Myth for a night-time look. I like to make my own rules up for make-up cos some looks are done to death but I LOVE mega-pale lips with DARK eyes so I will def be using Myth for that purpose! And I'll be in Madrid to show it off- fa la la! Yay!!!