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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Weekend makeup/ San Sebastian pics

This is a look from Friday. The daylight/ no flash pics don't show how dark it actually was on the eyes. Usually with red lips I go easy on the eyes but I got carried away and this was the result. Strangely though, I like it especially because I was kinda dressed down. The smoky eyes/ dark lips thing is usually paired with an elegant evening dress or something so I like the contrast.

I used Makeup Forever HD foundation, Rimmel concealer, Milani Luminous blush

Etude House powder fix eyebrow pencil,
Urban Decay Primer Potion, 88 e/s color palette (not the shimmer one), Rimmel Exaggerage liquid liner, Gosh black kohl, Etude Black x Black mascara

NYX Hebe round lipstick (I am in LOVE)
NYX lipliner in Caberet

The next day I was out and about in San Sebastian and went for the same eye shadow with a little less liner, no blush and MAC Angel on my lips.

That night I was very lazy and just topped up my liner, popped on false lashes, added my Milani blush and Hebe lipstick and was good to go!! Although this time I dressed up a little!!
These pics show the deterioration of my makeup over the hours. Check out the shine and redness in the last one! Don't know if I can fault the MUFE foundation though because it was damn hot and we were dancing!

We went out on Thursday too and our friend Matt missed his train to Barcelona in the morning cos he was hung over as hell!!! He called to ours before going to get a later train. Would you know he was hurtin'?!!!

I love 3 day weekends!! Life is goooooood!!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Ohhhh rebel!!

Can I make a crazy, outlandish statement???
Ok, I'll go for it.....
argh..... I'm afraid!
Ok.............. here goes.....
Kim Kardashian is not all that!!!
The smokey eye and nude lip is a look that goes back a long time... as in before Kim's time! There is no doubt that she is a very pretty lady but REALLY she has her certain look- smokey eyes with warm shades of brown and gold or black/grey mixed with either nude or red lips. Being honest- that's very stereotypical of my favourite/ most safe makeup so I do think it is faaaaaaaaaaaaaab. But, really, sexy makeup is smokey eyes, shimmering skin and nude/red lips. Red is instant Marilyn effect and nude lips are so Bardot that people can't help but think of the word sexy. Kim is lucky in that she has a great face to carry off looks that combine the looks but there are many pretty ladies around. To me, it's strange that a woman with little more than a Playboy shoot and a porn vid shows up so regularly on my computer screen! Yes, she is pretty but there are sooooooooo many gorgeous ladies who show fab makeup looks. I wanna see something different. I loooooooooooooove sex kitten makeup but there has to be more to it than Kim Kardashian who is just a prettier Paris Hilton.

Upcoming crap

Ok so I dunno how many read this but since the beautiful Fallon said she reads but isnt a follower I guess I can keep bloggin random stuff without feeling I'm talkin to myself!! This is not a beauty blog. I mainly follow beauty blogs and I love makeup but I can't wholeheartedly say it is. It's a random blog! :)
HOWEVER..... coming up:

% fyrinnae loose shadow review- I bought 20. I suspect they will be difficult to give swatches of but I will give an opinion.

% night time face- will be random

% red lipsticks- my favourites, how I wear them, tips

% red eyeshadow *** yes it IS scary but if both Edel and I can do it, then so can you! (*** we are both fair skinned with dark hair and green eyes but our colouring is actually very different so I think it will work with a lot people)

% my opinion on a very hyped foundation in 'make-up blog world'

% random shit

% Madrid pictures

% San Sebastian or Vittoria pictures (depending on which bus we get)

% a load of shite!!!!

*** Yes- for some reason I chose the percentage sign in place of a bullet point. I'm random like that! Deal with it!!! :P

Thursday, 18 February 2010

:) :D Fyrrinae

I just got my order from Fyrinnae. 20 eyeshadow- yes I have a problem!! But, wow, they are so prettiliciously divinely gorgeous!! And impossible to photograph!!! I'll try though... stay tuned!

Miss P's giveaway

The beautiful Miss P is celebrating 200+ followers with a fab giveaway. See my sidebar!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

NYX round lipsticks

Got my order from yesterday and I am very happy with the spoils!!!! 7 NYX lippies, 2 NYX lipliners, an NYX red pigment and a Milani blusher.

Loving the lipsticks. Fantastic value in terms of quaity and pigmentation. I recommend 100%.

left to right: Circe, Thalia, Louisiana, Hebe, Snow White, Fire, Tea Rose

My favourites are


and Circe

Work face

This is a pretty average work-day look for me.
MAC bronze
88 shimmer palette
Gosh kohl
Etude House bronze eye pencil
Etude House Black x Black

I usually use a very light colour in the inner corners, spread a medium brown over the eye from lashes to the crease of the eyelid and then on the outer half I shade a dark brown and then I may smooth on a shimmery bronze all over for some pizzaz. I then ring it with black liner on inner and outer eyelids which I finger-smudge. ( It's not shown here but, usually, I follow this with flicky liquid liner on the outer half of my top lids and often with a bronze liner under my lower lashes.)

MAC Shy Girl
MAC Myth
Benefit Her Glossiness Didn't Hear It From Me

***I may or may not have used Boots 17 blusher in China Pink. I suspect I did although it doesnt look as pink as it should.
***I also used brow pencil from Etude House, concealer by Rimmel and foundation by Essence but I'm too lazy to explain.

A lot of people would consider this a very made-up look for day but as I work till 10 at night i think I'm justified in going a little heavier and more 'evening'. Plus I don't care!

Me and makeup

I saw this on some other blogs. I love things like these.

1. What time did you do your makeup today?
2. What’s the least expensive beauty item you used?
Etude House Black x Black mascara
3. What was the biggest problem you needed to correct?
My eyebrows and the dark circles under my eyes
4. Did you apply false eyelashes?
no. save my lash wearing for special occasions
5. Did you do anything while applying make-up?
was facebooking and listening to music
6. Biggest make-up mishap today?
teary eye corners
7. Did you have a makeup inspiration in mind?
nope just having fun with new products
8. What was the most time-consuming part of your makeup routine?
My eye make up
9. What part of your routine is the most fun?
eye make up. don't really follow day/night rules too much so I always just do what I feel like
10. What part of your make-up makes the biggest difference in the way you look? eyeliner or concealer
11. Neutral or colorful eyeshadow?
today i went neutral but only because I wanted to wear my new colourful lippie
12. Liquid or mineral foundation?
Make Up For Ever HD in 125
13. Do you do your hair or make-up first?
Make Up
14. Did you pack a make-up bag to take with you for the day?
yep. i always do
15. When did you finish your make-up?
20 minutes later

Sunday, 14 February 2010


I went to Sephora in Madrid- I am now the proud owner of Make Up Forever HD foundation!!! happy days! It's about time I invested in a good quality foundation! it better live up the hype!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Gettin' wiggy with it... ahem, I apologise for that one

My skin sucks at the moment. I need to make some major alterations to my lifestyle! Too much booze and junkfood! My plans for losing weight have gone by the wayside because I've been feeling a little stressed and tired what with the time of the year and various shit that's happening at work. Gotta get back on track!

Anyway, so this weekend is Carnival in Spain. Everyone gets dressed up in costumes and goes out having fun in the streets. We bought some ridiculously cheap wigs earlier. So funny!! They don't fit at all but who cares!!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Sexy men of music

Here are some hotties who get my juices flowin(ha), some who are strange attractions and some who I just think rock and so, therefore, I soooo would!

M Shadows- Avenged Sevenfold vocalist with nice arms and a cute face that doesn't really match the tattooed hard man look!

John Frusciante- Red Hot Chili Pepper guitarist with some moments of genius amongst his solo work. Total music nerd sexiness credentials. He has come back from the dead to keep doing what he loves. Talent is hoooot!

Serj Tankian. Political activist. Quirky. Cute. Old!

John Dolmayan (System of a Down) Armssssss!

Adam Levine
He is a bit cheesy but somehow sexy.

Brandon Flowers
Can't decide if I like them or if he bugs the shit out of me but either way, he's damn cute!

Jared Followill
The yummiest of Kings of Leon (though I wouldnt turn either of his brothers down)! He doesn't even look good here but google him, he is! Had to pick this pic cos Chuck Bass (I can't be arsed to check his real name- Ed something. He'll always be Chuck Bass to me) just cracks me up with his big serious face and SHINNNNNY LEATHER PANTS!

Jon Lajoie
Funny as fuck

Serge Pizzorno
I like his name, his model-iness mixed with the grunginess of the band image.

Fabrizio Moretti
I won't make any 'Strokes' jokes!

Jonny Greenwood
He looks good in a suit.

Ohhhh! Very nice post!

Mac lipsticks from Ebay

Got a nice surprise today! My Ebay shit arrived! Mac lipsticks in Shy Girl, Myth and Angel. Didn't care so much about Shy Girl but Myth= perfect pale beige-y nude and Angel= gorgeous pale pink! :) I like Shy Girl but I was obsessed with getting my hands on the other 2!!! Done and dusted! Yay yay yay!!

Looked like shit so wasn't sure about posting a pic but here we are regardless. I've been trying to tone down on my use of makeup for day to day. NOt every day just some days for variety. I love dark-ass eye makeup but have been trying to wean myself. So here I am without half of my face!

eyes: 88 shimmer palette(highlighter and a light shimmery brown), brown eyeliner(Etude House), black mascara(Etude House), liquid liner(Rimmel Exagerate)
lips: Mac Angel

Excited to use Myth for a night-time look. I like to make my own rules up for make-up cos some looks are done to death but I LOVE mega-pale lips with DARK eyes so I will def be using Myth for that purpose! And I'll be in Madrid to show it off- fa la la! Yay!!!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Day trip

Yesterday we went to Bilbao. It's a really nice city and we had a lot of fun. I bought a new camera- yay!!! It's a Canon and was €199 which is great. We went to the Guggenheim which was fun. Loved the abstact paintings and the ground floor mazes but didnt really enjoy the sketches and architectural models. Bit too mathematical for my liking. It was nice to do something cultural and we had a great day. We had a yummy lunch too- lentil soup(yum, I was n love with it) and pork chop. Was yummmmmmy!