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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Yay!! Hello!

I have new followers! Haha, followers sounds like I'm leading a cult!I have new people who read my blog!! That's better!! Hello!!! Welcome! Stick around. Comment. Tell me what you want me to blog about. Ask me questions. I'm not working until next month so I am currently a lady of leisure (bum) who has more than enough time on her hands!

I'm actually a little annoyed. My knee/hip are still stiff and creaky. I don't care though, I'll work around it. I need to get my (actually not so fat, actually getting kinda toned) ass to the gym!

My normal workouts usually consist of cardio, weights and swimming. An ideal day is 20 minutes on the skier/wave machine, 10 on bike (really pushing myself, eurgh, so sweaty), 20 on the treadmill and then 10 minutes of working legs or arms, some crunches and then stretching before I go into the pool for 30 minutes with a 15 minute stint in the jacuzzi breaking it up a bit. That's a very time-consuming workout, though so it isn't every day. Some days I skip the weights or the crunches, maybe I'll shorten the swimming time down, or do 10 instead of 20 on treadmill (I hate the treadmill, it is soooo boring and it makes my boobs bounce, even with a €40 sports bra.).

So, yeah, will defo be going today but I will be careful of my old-lady style injuries!

On an unrelated note, can anyone recommend somewhere to buy clothes online- dresses, skirts, cute blouses? I've ordered stuff from ASOS but I wish they had more selection of me-type clothes! Too many dresses have round/ straight accross necklines for a start!! Anyway, yeah, where do you shop when you shop online?


Linz M said...

Hello - I'm new! You look totally fab in all your piccies - most jealous!

I'm a fatso, so I tend to buy online a lot. is a favourite, along with ASOS and I get a lot of stuff from ebay and Dorothy Perkins. Also love Vivien of Holloway and Dolly Dagger for special treats. I could bang on for hours about shopping so I'll stop!


Claire M said...

haha!! yeah i know! i shouldnt evn be asking!!internet shopping can be very dangerous!! cheers for the comment.will have to have a lil look on these sites- purely for research!!!
THanks for stopping by! x

Roo said...

Hi Claire,

I'm also a new follower.

Have you tried They are based in the states and ship worldwide. They have some stunning clothes!

Love your hair and red pout - very Hole/Courtney Love.

Roo xoxo

Claire M said...

thanks!! :D
I've been looking at modcloth but I'm nervous about the sizing/returns. They have gorgeous stuff though! Have you bought from them?

Roo said...

I've been looking for a goal dress for a while and so I havent bought from them yet but will be, I just cant decide what dress I want more :)

I'm going to be ordering a large purely because it could be taken in if needs be.


Claire M said...

Good thinking!
Yeah, their stuff is fab! I could spend hours on the site!
THanks for the comments! :)