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Friday, 27 August 2010


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I was tagged by the fabuloso Miss Frangipani to do this post. I adore reading her blog and nosing into her life! haha! I love these kinds of things but I suck at making up the numbers so will be here FOREVER!*

1:Independance: I am from a big family, I was very sensitive as a kid and allowed myself to be bullied growing up, I'm a stubborn little biatch, I've lived (relatively)like a grown up since a couple of weeks after my 17th birthday when I moved out ... there are a lot of reasons for my pig-headed, do-my-own-thing streak. Whatever the reasons, it is something where you have to try and meet in the middle to be happy and I will probably value independance a little less or at least differently as I settle down into my boring 'adult' life whenever that may be! Not because I feel I'll have to, but because I want to. (No rush though!! At the moment I am just loving it as is! No man, no car, no mortgage, no kids= no problems may be exaggerating but only a tad! :P)

(Enjoyin' a beer in Madrid- because I can! :P)

Makeup: I AM SHALLOW! I could easily live without makeup I'm sure, but I'd rather not. Red lipstick, liquid liner and as many different eyeshadows as I can find account for a lot of my time and money! It's dress-up for grownups!

Music: I have very varied musical tastes and have gone through a lot of phases. I love guitars, men with deeeep voices, women with husky, raw, emotive vocals, innovation, lyrics that you can read like poetry or prose and vapid, insanely catchy, brainless fun music too! My all-time favourite band is TOOL but girl-fronted groups like Hole, The Distillers and Yeah Yeah Yeahs also rate highly. Oh and ya gotta break out the Britney/Gaga occassionally too!!

(Brody of The Distillers. Husky and hot!)

Cheese- not so much alone but it's on all the best things (except knobs- ha sorry)!!
Pizza- yum, just yum!
Chinese food- oh salt/chilli shredded chicken!one day i will marry you and then we will have little salty, chilli-ish babies with black hair and they will be glorious!

Home/ family:

I have 5 amazing sisters. They really rock for their brains and strength of character. We all have such a sense of self, I think, because of the big family thing. We all clash a lot but share a lot of similar traits and values which we have our fab parents to thank for! It's always fun to come home. (This is from Sept '09 when my sister got married in Rome.x)


Summer: Being Irish, Summer is more about an attitude than the weather. It's about milking it, going a little nutso, making the most out of any somewhat mild day, having longer weekends than weeks, freezing yer nips off having a bbq but refusing to admit defeat, weird tan lines, meeting up with family and friends, outdoor boozing... basically any excuse to party!

Dimples: I never thought I liked dimples; it's a recent discovery. It can be such an endearing feature though! However, that's not to say I'm a total sucker for them! For example I love Cheryl Cole's but hate Jennifer Garner's. Don't ask me to explain. It's something like they have to enhance a person's looks rather than BE the person's looks. Somehow, men's dimples especially can bring their hotness to a new level! So actually I should say men with dimples for this! Ah well, great excuse for a hot boy pic!!

(Avenged Sevenfold's M Shadows and his adorable dimple. Not lookin' such a rocker!)

Tattoos and piercings
: I have 3 tattoos at the moment but plans for more. Before I add to the collection I want to perfect the ones I have- recolouring in parts, adding parts etc. I have (1) a shooting star- 1st tat which, I spose, symbolises youth, (2) 5 stars on my wrist for my sisters, and (3) big oleander garland around my hip, symbolism being in the double-ness of the flower-beautiful and poisonous, which you can take to represent the hidden power in femininty.... but also cos they're pretty!! I tend not to wear piercings too often these days- teaching will do that but I've had lots of earlobe piercings and my rook, my tongue, my lip and my nose pierced. I would love to get more but for work purposes and the fact that I have to hide them all from my Dad, I'm slow to add more just yet.


(Me and my 5 sisters with my aunt and cousins going off to do a bit of farming in a trailer! This picture has seen better days but it's so hilarious how grubby and 90s we all look! I'm in the centre in pink by the way. Lookin' gooood!ha!)

I grew up a strangely contradictory kid. A home full of girls and my mum's now hilarious early 90s clothes, makeup and accessories as well as fabulously full on perfumes influenced me no end. I LOVED Barbies and the like. At the same time, though, much of my time was spent running after cows on a farm and playing with my boy cousins making (very hierachichal) huts and having 'adventures' (Enid Blyton had a lot to answer for)! Hence my girlie-tomboy status as an adult. I adore glamour but could never be a 'lady'. I swear like a sailor, tell my mates when I'm going for a dump and talk about penis' almost daily! And yet I love 50's glamour and girly heart-to-hearts and crying while watching documentaries! I am loud yet often shy. I am opinionated yet indecisive. I love to help people but I'm also very impatient with others. And so on..... hahaha! Oh yep, I do ramble! :P


(Korea, Halloween '08)
My life: Eurgh how cheesy! I hate being so trite but it's somehow deeply buried within my nature and at odds with most other aspects of my personality! Gotta embrace it, I spose! I often focus too much on the negative aspects of my situations. But I have been educated well, I have travelled ( much more pencilled somewhere in my future), I have amazing friends...( Me, Edel, Char in Korea, August '08)
.... and I have an amazing, unique, crazy-as-me family! Oh yeah and I'm me! Even with all the imperfections that I love to focus on, I'm still pretty cool! Always have been:


Sorry but I won't be tagging ten people to do this as I can't choose so I think EVERYONE should do it!xxx And thanks again to Miss Frangipani for the shout-out!x

*Yep, took me forever!