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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Boohoo Yay Jejeje Hi

  • Boohoo- camera charger is missing! So no picture updates!
  • Yay- have bought new stuff from asos, new look and penneys (primark)! Still loving my new hair and the sunny weather. My new love of salmon, fruit, nuts, rice cakes and water has made a big difference to my skin (green tea is prob helping too but i still hate it even though i drink it daily)! I've lost 8lbs in 5 weeks of up-down and up-down again!
  • Jejeje is a bit of Spanish laughing as I'm looking forward to Spain in 2 and a half weeks!
  • Hi to the newbies on my page! Welcome!! :D
  • Will try and get some pictures up next week when camera's back in action (think charger is in my sister's apartment and she's away til Sunday).
  • Till then, adios amigas! <3>


hoopylass said...

Love primark! Cant wait to see what you bought :)

hoopylass said...

Love primark, cant wait to see what you bought :) x

Miss Frangipani said...

Congrats on the loss hon! That must be such a boost.Totally hear you on the tea,I've been forcing myself to drink Organic Green Argentinian Mate Tea and it tastes like grass - not the good kind! It's supposedly amazing for you though,and it's the Argentine national drink so I'll stick it out until I grow accustomed to it.Millions of Argentines can't be wrong.xox

Claire M said...

thanks ladies! update coming soon!
yup miss f- the tea sucks but if it's gonna be a means to an end then let's suffer on eh?! :P

Fallon said...

8 lbs in five weeks--truly awesome and a healthy weight loss. That's glorious! So jealous of your Spanish adventure...wanna practice Spanish with me? We could write emails to each other, haha.

Claire M said...

jaja my spanish blows! will start studying soon! bbc has a great interactive series for beginners called mi vida loca on their website.