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Tuesday, 10 August 2010


At 18, I had smallish boobs and biggish hips with muscular thighs. My stomach was flat and my waist was small. I hated that I had abs and a soft stomach and the fact that where my waist met my hips it just went straight out. It wasnt a soft curve, it was like a big jump. (I have a short waist?) I thought I looked fat, even though I weighed 10stone at almost 5ft 6 and wore a size 10. I wanted bigger boobs, longer legs and smaller hips
Oh Lord if I'd only known!!!!!!!!!
.So now, weighing close to 4 stone more than I did, I remember the body I had and think 'what was my problem?'!! Let's face it though, it was a long time ago and, even with years of dieting, I won't look like that again.

So I look to curvy but toned women as my source of inspiration. I can't change my body-type so I have to work with it, while still fighting against my fat-ass lazy streak. I don't think these ladies achieved their beautiful curves through eating Chinese takeaways and drinking pints of Heineken through straws (I know!!)!

Marilyn Monroe. The original:

Beyoncé. Look at her stomach! (A bigger bikini top wouldn't hurt though!):

Kelly Brook. Such a stupid picture but wouldn't we all ham it up if we looked like this!?:

Christina Hendricks. Hips for days! Love it:
Align CentreKelly Rowland. Not the curviest girl but I love her healthy-looking body. She's thin and toned in such a healthy way. I'd kill for her legs and tummy!!


Edel McCreanor said...

Yo - great news on the weight loss program - Ramadan just started!!!!
We'll be anorexic soon :p

Fallon said...

Hey, good to find your blog again! I was following your old one. And super excited to hear you're working out and eating healthy...keep up the good work, you're sure to see results. Although I always thought you were very lovely and dramatic looking...but fitter's never a bad thing ;o).

Claire M said...

hahaha edel! nice one!
thanks fallon! not sure i'll be doing marathons like you guys but you never know! ;)

Dani M said...

I just had that conversation with my husband about not appreciating my body when I was in high school. Most girls are ill developed and have no hips. I had child bearing hips at the age of 14! lol I was 5'9 and 140 pounds and a size 8. I have gained some since marriage (size 12 now) and wonder why I ever beat myself up in my younger years. I think I've learned my lesson though. No matter what size I am, I WILL love myself because I can never go back and change how I felt! I am on my way back to that weight in the meanwhile:) Great Post!!!!!!

Claire M said...

love it Dani! thanks for your comment! my kinda girl! :P