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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Getting my confidence back

Letting my weight creep up the way I have over the last 5 years or so really knocked my confidence. I used to love shopping and clothes and having my own style. As I got bigger that melted away a bit. I didn't want to draw any attention to myself. If people were looking I assumed the worst- that they were thinking 'the state of her in those clothes' or whatever. It's shitty but when you aren't confident you don't want attention. So I let my style become more safe and 'normal'. I began a rotation of 2 or 3 outfits at a time. I hated shopping. I hated getting ready for nights out. I just felt crap!

This Summer I started afresh- going to the gym, eating better, drinking less. Even though i haven't lost much weight I feel soooo much better. I feel healthier and more toned and it's giving me so much confidence. It's still difficult to find clothes I like that suit me but I'm interested in looking now! I've been holding myself back when it comes to online shopping but it's fun to look at things and feel like I could wear them and feel confident.

I'm really enjoying 50's style clothing and accessories and a more ladylike approach at least some of the time! I'm loving back-seamed tights, flowers in my hair, full skirts, fitted waists and pencil skirts as well as my usual love of false lashes and red lips.

It feels good to have some confidence back. It makes getting ready so much easier and more fun.

Cute hair flowers:

My new Primark coat:

I'm going to get it in navy and white too. So cute!

I've ordered two pencil skirts from ASOS. I'm hoping one will be nice and I can wear it out for my birthday in a couple of weeks!


Delliemcc said...

Very VERY jujji post<3

Claire M said...

xxx :)
Eurgh just saw the date on your comment-10 days to my bday!hope I've my money by then and hope we get to g town that weekend! :)

Miss Frangipani said...

You look absolutely gorgeous lady! Totally hear you on the stockings with seams,flowers and 50's styling.Look forward to reading more.xx