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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Another week, another class

I did circuit training this evening. Some excercises were a lot more punishing than others but generally it wasn't TOO bad- except for holding in the pee doing jumping-jacks! Finished the hour sweaty, which is always good. I didn't get as red or sweaty as I would after an hour at the gym but it was more toning excercises than cardio which is gonna be good in conjunction with my normal workouts. I will definitely be attending next week!
Food-wise, I've been eating home-made Chinese food. Yum! Salt and chilli chicken- deep fried battered chicken stir-fried in salt, sugar, ginger powder, 5spice, garlic powder, sesame oil, fresh chillis and sliced peppers! Egg fried rice! Fried noodles! Oil! Oil! Calories!!! Yum! I also had some divine Black Forest Gateaux today. Was so yummy! Very naughty though!!
Hoping I won't be too sore tomorrow. I really need to work off all the grease, sugar and cream!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Quick one

This week has been a great one diet and exercise well. I haven't been an angel and drank Friday, Saturday and Sunday which ups my calorie intake for those days but Monday and Tuesday were good! I weighed myself this evening. On Saturday I was up to 77.5kg. I'm now 77kg. Bang on. Not 77.something. Firmly at the halfway point and crossing over it!
Last Thursday we went to a Zumba class. It was SO much fun but, being the first class, it was very basic and VERY crowded. Left after the hour feeling great but definitely not worked out. So, while I enjoyed it and am aware it'll get more complex as the weeks go by, I can't justify spending money on a class every week that won't necessarily give me the results I want. Does this mean I'm officially a gym bunny? Maybe... a little!! I just don't see the point of easy exercise. I am at the point where I enjoy pushing myself, especially now I'm on track. Now to lose those 3lbs by Feb 1st! (My January goal was 7lb and I've lost 4 so far.) Thinking I'll do a circuit training class on Friday. That should be suitably punishing! ;)

Thursday, 13 January 2011


{I'm posting about weightloss again (surprise, surprise) and this post will feature many pictures depicting my journey from a size-10 17 year old to a size-14 25 year old (and the jump up and down from size18 is in there somewhere)!}2002-before it all started goin wrong!ha! At least I've better hair now!
2003-I loved trilbies at this point!
Slimming and weight-loss is everywhere at the moment. January is THE month for kickstarting change in your life. Unfortunately it's also the month of shitty weather (at least it is where I am) and dark days which seriously makes a person want to curl up on the couch and never leave the house!

All the same, magazines, newspapers, tv shows and adverts are blasting out images of six packs and advice on a healthier lifestyle. Some of the stuff I read is helpful and some is just ridiculously simple common sense. "Instead of a chocolate bar, why not snack on fruit?" Why not? Seriously? If I could make those kind of snack swaps I wouldn't have a lardass!!!2004-in an outfit matching some random lady in the bar!

All the same, having made great strides in the right direction, the year change does inspire me. This WILL be the year I reach goal- a weight I haven't seen in 8 or so years. I have spent so many Januarys thinking "I don't believe in resolutions" while really I just didn't want to start something and fail. 2007- Definite weight gain between Feb and May

Now that I've made some progress I know I have a different definition of failure. It isn't having a bad day or even a bad week. It isn't skipping the gym or eating that pizza. Failure is giving up or never bothering to try and I spent too long in that mind-frame.
2008- my first pencil skirt, size 14, worn to death!
2008- not long before I left for a year in Korea where I PORKED up!

2009- June. For our last hurrah in Korea we decided to dress 'classy' for a party at ours. My friend Doug and I looked spectacular, I think. This is prob my biggest. Hard to find pictures that show it though! This picture just makes me LAAAAAAAAUGH though!

2009 (September)In Rome for my sister's wedding. I'd been trying to lose weight but hadn't lost much. Don't remember my weight- think I've blocked it from memory or else I didnt convert from kg!

2010- (June) home from Spain. I'd lost weight over the months and was about to join the gym.

So 2011 will be the year I suceed. That doesn't mean I'll be on track every day, every we
ek or even every month (September and December were slow months for me weight-loss wise). It DOES mean I'll keep looking to the next goal. Even if I reach goals late, I'll still be suceeding. So 2011- BRING IT ON!

This picture is from November I think but I have hardly any shots where you can see my body. Size 14-ish and moving on down! :)

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Halfway to goal!!!!

After all the crazy eating and drinking from Christmas finally ended, I found it really hard to get back into a good routine. Yesterday and today have been the best food-wise since the festivities so I'm hoping that's the end of gorgefest!
I headed to the gym today and weighed myself expecting to see 78 kg-ish and was amaaaazed to weigh in at 77kg! 170 lbs! Halfway! 4lbs in under a week just by going back to my normal eating habits and stopping the booze train I was on! (It's more like 77.2 kg but meh!) If I lose another 3lbs this month I'll fulfill my January goal!! :) Fingers crossed!
So pleased I'm at the halfway mark. It was only a matter of a few pounds but the symbolism is the important thing. Last week I had more than 50% left to do and now I don't. AND I was only two weeks late! (Halfway was my Christmas goal.)
Now here's hoping the scales wasn't wrong! :P

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year!!!

It's been a while! So straight to the update then!

Dress size is 12-14. It's more often 14 but when I get into any 12s I'm ridiculously happy!

My boobs have started to shrink too which I'd wanted- they made me look even fatter! I've gone from 38 DD to 36D and that 's something I've noticed during the plateau period.

Haha!! Was trying to take a pic of my makeup. Boob pic fits here though!
Yep! Weight is still the same. 79 kilos- 12stone 6.
I ate and drank like crazy for Christmas but some days were definitely worse than others!
Yesterday was the worst so far but most certainly the last pig-out day I'll have for a while!

My sisters Karen and Eilish

Calories I ate: about 6 handfuls of salted peanuts, half a chicken and pesto pizza, a Chinese (chips, fried rice, a chicken ball, curry sauce, spicy battered chicken strips), 2 slices of cheese on toast, pretzels and chocolate. Calories I drank: 2 glasses of fizzy orange, 2 large glasses of Baileys. I went to bed feeling so ill and fat!

With Mum, and Edel

I'm glad I did it though because I was able to mark it as the last day of Christmas binge and completely sickened myself so that today I was absolutely craving vegetables and water! I had a great workout and still had a treat of Jaffa Cakes.

Karen, Dad and Eilish

The plan for January is back on the healthy eating wagon. More of the same at the gym and also hoping to give Zumba a try. My aim is to lose 7lbs this month. It's a long shot, I know but I'm aiming high! That would bring me to 11stone 13lbs. 11!!! When I get to say I'm 11 anything I'll do a total victory dance!!!4 of my sisters, my Mum and some friends

Anyway, Christmas was a blast. Lots of parties and family time! Far too much alcohol though. I'll enjoy a few days of detoxing this week!!Hope everyone had a great Christmas and has an even better 2011!! xxx