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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Another week, another class

I did circuit training this evening. Some excercises were a lot more punishing than others but generally it wasn't TOO bad- except for holding in the pee doing jumping-jacks! Finished the hour sweaty, which is always good. I didn't get as red or sweaty as I would after an hour at the gym but it was more toning excercises than cardio which is gonna be good in conjunction with my normal workouts. I will definitely be attending next week!
Food-wise, I've been eating home-made Chinese food. Yum! Salt and chilli chicken- deep fried battered chicken stir-fried in salt, sugar, ginger powder, 5spice, garlic powder, sesame oil, fresh chillis and sliced peppers! Egg fried rice! Fried noodles! Oil! Oil! Calories!!! Yum! I also had some divine Black Forest Gateaux today. Was so yummy! Very naughty though!!
Hoping I won't be too sore tomorrow. I really need to work off all the grease, sugar and cream!


Anonymous said...

Hey hon,I am still laptopless but managed to check in on the iPhone.You're doing so well and look so fab in your pics.xx Miss Frangipani (whenigrowupimgoingtobeapinupgirl )

Claire M said...

Thanks lady!! Sort the lack of laptop soon! Miss reading your posts!!!