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Thursday, 13 January 2011


{I'm posting about weightloss again (surprise, surprise) and this post will feature many pictures depicting my journey from a size-10 17 year old to a size-14 25 year old (and the jump up and down from size18 is in there somewhere)!}2002-before it all started goin wrong!ha! At least I've better hair now!
2003-I loved trilbies at this point!
Slimming and weight-loss is everywhere at the moment. January is THE month for kickstarting change in your life. Unfortunately it's also the month of shitty weather (at least it is where I am) and dark days which seriously makes a person want to curl up on the couch and never leave the house!

All the same, magazines, newspapers, tv shows and adverts are blasting out images of six packs and advice on a healthier lifestyle. Some of the stuff I read is helpful and some is just ridiculously simple common sense. "Instead of a chocolate bar, why not snack on fruit?" Why not? Seriously? If I could make those kind of snack swaps I wouldn't have a lardass!!!2004-in an outfit matching some random lady in the bar!

All the same, having made great strides in the right direction, the year change does inspire me. This WILL be the year I reach goal- a weight I haven't seen in 8 or so years. I have spent so many Januarys thinking "I don't believe in resolutions" while really I just didn't want to start something and fail. 2007- Definite weight gain between Feb and May

Now that I've made some progress I know I have a different definition of failure. It isn't having a bad day or even a bad week. It isn't skipping the gym or eating that pizza. Failure is giving up or never bothering to try and I spent too long in that mind-frame.
2008- my first pencil skirt, size 14, worn to death!
2008- not long before I left for a year in Korea where I PORKED up!

2009- June. For our last hurrah in Korea we decided to dress 'classy' for a party at ours. My friend Doug and I looked spectacular, I think. This is prob my biggest. Hard to find pictures that show it though! This picture just makes me LAAAAAAAAUGH though!

2009 (September)In Rome for my sister's wedding. I'd been trying to lose weight but hadn't lost much. Don't remember my weight- think I've blocked it from memory or else I didnt convert from kg!

2010- (June) home from Spain. I'd lost weight over the months and was about to join the gym.

So 2011 will be the year I suceed. That doesn't mean I'll be on track every day, every we
ek or even every month (September and December were slow months for me weight-loss wise). It DOES mean I'll keep looking to the next goal. Even if I reach goals late, I'll still be suceeding. So 2011- BRING IT ON!

This picture is from November I think but I have hardly any shots where you can see my body. Size 14-ish and moving on down! :)


C.W. Bush said...

2011 is all about being healthier for me. I want to be down to about 90kg so I can start working weights and make some use of my broad shoulders :-p

FWIW, you're a pretty smokin' hot lass in all of those photos ;-)

Kelly said...

You look beautiful in all the pics regardless of weight! But good luck in your journey :)

I am now following! Please check out my blog if you get a chance -- I am currently hosting an Urban Decay giveaway!

Claire M said...

Thanks for the support guys!!

Fallon said...

LOVE this post. Love it. Weight loss is mental. Yes, it takes the actual doing of the healthy stuff but...when you're in the right place mentally, it just happens. And you are clearly there. Kudos, Claire!

Claire M said...

thanks fallon!!
I'm in a good place at the moment but I know the ups and downs are to be expected. Hope this up lasts as long as possible!! :P
Just re-followed your blog btw!