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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Weightloss/FItness update

  • I think I'm on the road back! I've been to the gym twice this week- yay!!
  • On Monday I did a helluva lot of weights because I really felt that as I hadn't put on weight, I needed to make sure I was doing something for the muscle tone that I had started to develop before I fell off the wagon. So, after an hour walk to get to the gym (I live in the country), I did 30 minutes cardio- 10 on treadmill and 20 on wave machine followed by inner thigh, outer thigh and 3 different sets of upper arm weights and some sit-ups. (I was so proud that I ate some crisps after- bad Claire!)
  • Tonight I did something similar- 10 minutes cross trainer, 20 minutes wave machine followed by some painful situps, inner and outer thigh as well as upper arms. This was followed by 20 minutes of swimming at a fairly leisurely pace. I think that's my winning combo- variety + lots of weights! I just need to step up on the situps aspect because my stomache is still very untoned which sucks as I've definitely slimmed down around my waist in the last couple of months.
  • Food-wise I've been good(ish) since Monday, though I'm still a late night snack fiend. I'm just trying to keep myself full during the day in as a healthy a way as possible so if I want to be bad in the evening it isn't a total disaster. I know that it's VERY BAAAAAAD to eat at night but I stay up late and it's force of habit which has been made worse by my teaching hours over the last 2 years. It's EVEN worse now that I'm unemployed. At least I can stay up late most nights anyway- what with having nothing to wake up for!!
  • Anyway, point being; weighed myself again tonight and I'm still the same. I'm very pleased with that. I wasn't expecting a loss, was just frightened I'd have put on weight! Hopefully I can settle into a routine again soon. Problem is my gym membership is up this week and I'm moving this weekend so I'm going to be too busy to change gym AND work out when it's the weekend and there is moving to be done and beverages to be consumed. Oh dear! I'll keep you guys posted and, in the meantime, will try to be healthy so I can report some weightloss again!!


Andrea said...

you're doing really well! I'm also on a diet since July and until now I've lost 12 kilos and 400gr!! It's really worthy stop eating some candy things and doing a bit more of exercise.

I like your blog, I follow you. Would you follow back? It would make me really happy! And don't forget to participate in my giveaway, it closes in 3 days! Good luck!


Claire M said...

Thanks lady!! Well done!!
Will visit your blog! :)

Jan said...

I love the flower ring very stylish.