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Friday, 24 September 2010

Much needed update

Spongebob has his dick out!
Oh dear! I am extremely sucky! I have totally neglected my bloggy world recently. Oooops! So here comes the update:
My hair looks well strange here but I haven't changed it.
  • I decided Spain was no longer viable- in order to do my post grad next year or the year after, I need to be Ireland-based (to get a grant). This sucks immensely because I LOVED my Spanish life but, then, what's not to love about four day weeks, a great work environment complete with hilarious students and great bosses, and, of course, crazy weekends?! But that is, in the end, is liiiife! Not going to get all boo hoo, even if Ireland has ZERO jobs for people like me! I'm moving into a fun apartment with my best mate and we're going to be dole scum for a while!!! Haha! I will miss the perving on Spanish men but am already being a total sex-pest to at least one lad and have a couple of "options" if I get real desperate!!! Hahaha! And I have never really lived in my hometown as an adult so at least I'll experience that!
  • Edel and I were in Spain last week tying up the loose ends. It was fun and sad at the same time. (The photos are some random ones from the week there. Very, very random ones!)
  • I have been taking pictures with the intention of blogging on myriad topics. As soon as I get a little more settled those will start to appear!
I just find this creepy somehow!
  • I have been listening to some great music so will be posting some of that probably too.
  • I have almost totally fallen off the gym/ diet wagon over the last three weeks so very much need to get back to brass tacks. I have not gained weight though and have made it to the gym a few times. I'm still at 84 kg where I was 89 when I first returned to using weighing scales'! (Haha!) I am motivated enough that I think I can get to 12 stone-ish by Christmas. (Weighing myself in kilos at the gym but still think in pounds and stone. I have around one and a half stone that I want gone by Christmas.)
Random parade shiz!
  • I have kinda been following all my blogs but have probably missed loads and it bugs me! Hope you guys haven't been up to too much! :P
  • I still suck at formatting these posts. I could really use some lessons on how to use Blogger! Sorry peeps. I suck!
And that's about it for now. I hope all you guys are well. Please , as always, feel free to comment, email, whatever! Thanks for reading!!


Fallon @ Fallon's Healthy Life said...

Oh no! So bummed to hear you're not in Spain, but I guess I can come visit in Ireland, right? You girls will make it fun wherever you are...

What are you going to do your masters in?

Claire M said...

primary teaching.
yes- come visit!! :)

Miss Frangipani said...

Hey Lady,

Nice post - good to read your still around the blogosphere.Totally hear you on the weight loss thing - it's been 3 weeks for me - bloody chest infection............but I actually miss the gym!!!! Good luck with all your plans and goals and please post some photos of beautiful Spanish men ;)


Claire M said...

Unfortunately pictures of Spanish is no longer an option. I could offer some fat middle aged Irishmen though!haha!
Sorry to hear you've been ill. Hope you feel better soon and hope I can kick myself in the arse to get back in a routine. I managed to force myself to the gym tonight so hopefully will get on track soon!
Thanks for reading! Get well and post soon!! x