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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Weight-loss update

I had a crazy weekend of drinking and eating waaaay too much. I was visiting friends so that was my excuse. When I last went to the gym (Saturday), I'd lost 2 more pounds. I was all excited but then the diet went totally by the wayside as I was away from home and partying. I ate chips 3 days running and had pizza twice and a chinese too. That's on top of a lot of beer, gin and shots! Eurgh! So tomorrow I'm back at the gym and I'm so worried I'm gonna be up like 4lbs! :( Back to reality from now on. I'm heading back to Spain in a week and a half and would love to have lost another 4lbs to make it a full stone of weightloss. (It's actually more I'd say but I wasn't weighing myself when I first came home. I've only been counting since around the 10th of July. Anyway, camera is still out of action but here are some pics from Sunday night when my friend Charlene was getting camera happy(and pervin on my arse, haha)! Blouse and skirt are from New Look, tights are by Pretty Polly from and shoes are Primark from last year.


J. said...

Hey , I was looking through your blog. and let me tell you.

I love it.

It looks like you have a fun and adventureous life!

I loev to hear about people enjoying their life.

I am now following! :]

Claire M said...

thank you!!!welcome!x