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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Shopping in BIlbao

Yesterday we went to Bilbao for the day in search of Primark. Typically we didnt find it. But, as we headed back to the bus station we happened to notice that the place we were looking for is on the subway! Durrrrr! So next weekend we'll go. I need Summer clothes and I can't afford normal priced clothes at the moment!

However, strangely, I can afford new makeup! Haha! I always prioritise makeup over clothes. Flattering clothes can be difficult and time consuming to find while make-up, well, that's my fun!

So bought a couple of things at the Benefit counter. I love Benefit. Until yesterday I only owned Bathina body balm (love it, smells divine and gives your skin a faaaaaaaaab glow) and my Korean fakes of Moon Beam and Benetint.

So I bought Kitten (shimmer powder puff), Boiing concealer and Coralista blusher. Love them! I needed a good concealer for my permenant dark circles. I was dying to try Coralista for myself after seeing so many fab pictures. I've never been into shimmery blushers but since I tried the Milani dupe of NARS Orgasm I became addicted. And I love love love Coralista. It smells yummy, has adorable packaging and gives a gorgeous subtle shimmer to my cheeks. I still love the Milani one though because it's a more vivid pink/gold two-tone effect. Coralista is more a subtle peachy shimmer. I love it!! I just keep picking it up and smelling it! Seriously. Mmmmmm! That's def something I love about Benefit- the scents of their products are faaaaaaaaaaaaaab! I love their packaging too- although the use of cardboard sucks- not exactly handbag friendly!
Oh well, here are some pictures anyway!

Boiing(I bought the palest shade. I'm wearing fake tan which is why it looks so white. I'm going to use it as a base for my regular undereye concealer.) and Coralista:

A comparison with the Milani Minerals blush(#201)(bottom)