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Thursday, 6 May 2010

NYX round lipstick swatches

I hate when you go looking for swatches and they are on skin. I don't think it gives any real indictaion of how it looks on lips. So here are some swatches ON LIPS!!!
FYI: my lips are naturally very pigmented and my camera seems to have a cool setting that my computer won't change so just imagine all these colours a tad warmer and take into account your own lip colour but, basically, I think these are a good indicator. I love these lippies but, pinks aside, I think some are too warm toned for me. Oh well, all 6 cost me less than $15 including delivery to Spain. Thank you Joy's Cosmetics on Ebay- prompt delivery and good price. I would link it but I' used my friend's credit card so don't have the info.

My favourite at the moment is probably Narcissus because I love pink lipsticks and the cool tone suits me and pops against my favoured choice of every-day eye makeup (browny shadow and flicked liquid liner with plenty of mascara and some brown liner). My least favourite is Frapuccino as it is way too dark and muddy on me. I think it might look great on a darker, more perfect skinned person but for me it'd just frumpy!

Anyhoo, here are some swatches:


Strawberry Milk

Indian Pink

Pecan Pie