Press Play!!


Friday, 28 May 2010

At the weekend there was a festival in our town.
On Friday we went for a few.

My makeup was very worn off by this stage!! Here it was earlier.

The first event of the festival that we attended was The Ressurection of the Drum on Saturday.(here's my face- the pics were taken a couple of hours apart and I'd changed my lippie.)

Basically they pull a drum out  the river, the mayor bangs the drum, people douse each other with wine, cava, whatever, the mayor says things and then the douse each other some more! Then everyone dances and drinks!
 This guy was selling hats so we asked to try them on and made him be in a photo! He was impressed!

 On Sunday, the people who are in groups go for lunches. There's a football match. There are brass bands everywhere. People hang out, chill, spend time with family and friends and drink and eat.
 This man was belly nice!
We had no idea why all those random old people were sitting there! There was nothing going on!

Monday is the big finale. Everyone goes up a big mountain in their groups to eat, drink and socialise. There is a lot of fun and silliness for all the family.

This man was just walking down the street holding a banana behind his back! We found hilarious!

After this everyone walked home down the mountain. I fell and twisted my ankle en-route but still walked the 2 miles home! Sily girl! The next day I went to hospital where they put a cast on me, injected me and gave me a prescription for more syringes so taht I wouldnt get thrombosis! They didnt give me crutches so ended up housebound! However, having received some wise advice, I took the cast off. After 24 hours the swelling had gone down a lot and the cast was loose and not really doing anything except hindering me. I went to a physiotherapist who gave me a painful massage, bandaged me up really tight and showed me how to walk right- ha! Going back next week but it's a lot better than my other, hospital altenative! Just hope my shitty luck will change. Any festivities and something goes wrong for me! FML!
Oh well, next week we have visitors and I'll hopefully have a normal ankle again!