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Friday, 18 December 2009

Things that are happening

CHRISTMAS IS COMING! I am soooo excited. As I was in Korea last year, I intend to milk this Christmas... hard! Get to Dublin on the 23rd and meeting a friend for a couple of hours. We first met Lisa in Korea. She's great and I'm so excited to catch up. Then we get the bus home to our families! I hope to eat some GREAT Chinese food cos Spain's version sucks! Then I will probably end up drunk with my sisters. And then the next day is Christmas Eve! Woohooo!

Before then
: Monday and Tuesday we get to drink champagne in our adult classes!! Wahey!!!
Before that: The weekend!:
Friday: Parent-teacher meeting! Eurgh! Then beers afterwards, I imagine! :P
Saturday: Shopping followed by the 12 pubs of Christmas! Not sure this tradition exists in other countries but we Irish will take any excuse to drink and crank it! Our Spain version will involve 4 hours of drinking in 12 bars, 12 drinks. That breaks down as 20 minutes a drink which is doable for a couple of hours anyway!!! Hehe!!
Sunday: Suffer!

Other than that:
Work is good.
Friends and family are great.
Men.... hmmm!
Met a Moroccan guy on Saturday. I'm in Spain so that's hardly noteworthy! What is noteworthy is that I ended up being with him even tho I dont speak Spanish and he speaks no English! Sometimes communication is very easy when you're drunk! Haha!! He was kinda cute at least! And then he added me on facebook today! And his cousin has been with my flatemate a few times. Combine that with the size of the town= I'm gonna be seein this guy again! Awkward! If only I spoke proper Spanish! Oh well... fun story!