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Tuesday, 8 December 2009


As we had a few days off together, my housemates and I decided to have a girlie weekend in Madrid. This involved getting the crowded and uncomfortable bus at 2.35am and arriving before 7 in Madrid which contrary to its reputation, does sleep! We couldn't check into our hotel til 12 which sucked.

Madrid was very quiet in the morning so we browsed around and drank (oh yes, you can drink beer at 8am along with many other people who seem to feel this is normal. We're talking grannies too!) and we were generally miserable and tired! Then we went to the hotel where we pushed the 2 beds together( we booked the room for 2 instead of 3 because it made it much cheaper!!) and slept! Then we went looking for somewhere to eat while looking around, shopping and just feeling the place out! We were being a bit fussy and looking for something other than the usual Spanish food (omelette's, salty dried meats etc) and kebabs, cheap and nasty Chinese food and mediocre Italian aside, were kind of disappointed! We decided we wanted Indian but despite asking around and walking around for hours, we were unsuccessful!
However, we found Irish bars, a Mexican restaurant and bar and a whole load of beautiful buildings and great shops! We had a few drinks (drinking pints was exciting) and were in bed by 2.

We woke up the next day and went off exploring. We ended up at the Rastro market which is huge and included a rubber band stall!!

We wandered around for quite a while and, after asking in a bar, got directions to an Indian restaurant! And we found it!!

The staff we were friendly and helpful and the food was great and very rich and not too spicy but just right especially after VERY actively looking for the place for 24 hours!!! As we left and made our way back, guess what we saw further down the same street?!! Another Indian restaurant!!! Amusing and annoying in equal measure!!

We made our way back towards the Gran Via and decided to go look for the nearby Plaza Mayor. Long story short: we cant read maps very well but we got there in the end!!

We then found another Irish bar, followed by some Chinese food, which was mediocre, then back to the hotel where we changed and arsed around. We went out pretty late and were cursing the fact we didn't know where to go. Ended up in a little gay bar called Viperina followed by more walking around, drinking in the park which is apparently what all the cool people do, prostitute spotting, more walking and finally a pretty dodgy club called the Palace where drink was very expensive and the majority of the clientele were Chinese people and Dad-dancers!

Sounds strange but we really enjoyed it and even got to see one of the prostitutes from earlier!! After more wandering and speaking Arabic to randomers, we finally got to the hotel and slept.

The next morning sucked! We had only gone to bed at 6.30 and we had to get up, shower n pack by 12 and then wait around for 12 hours to get our bus at 12.30am! So we shopped some more, walked some more, ate some more and ended up in TGI Fridays @happy hour. So we drank margaritas and I ate some gooood sirloin steak and we perved on the various hot waiters! YUM!

The bus back was not so bad as our seats were more leg-roomy than on the way. Finally getting home and into bed was AMAZING!

Woke up today at 4.30 and my fab friend had made the trip out to get food and brought me brekie in bed of pizza and Pepsi! From then until now, I've spent the day listening to great music, chatting online and just generally chilling out! I love work vacations!

In 2 weeks I will be going home for Christmas!! Happy days!! I'm so happy and fortunate! Life is good!!