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Thursday, 19 May 2011


(Primark dress. I paid 15 euro a few weeks ago. It's now selling for 7! Grrr!)
I have been on antibiotics for the last week and ill for 4 days before that so it's been 2 weeks since I set foot in the gym. I'm away for a few days so will probably be Tuesday before I get back into my routine. Weight is the same if not a few lbs up. I have been eating like a mo-fo to make up for feeling like crap!
It's less than a month to my Irish exams and I'm screwed. There is so much to do!!
Loving my new apartment. So warm and cosy. Really missing the internet though! I miss blogging! I'm going to try and get photo up more often and get some proper blogs going again!
(Yes I'm aware there's a toilet behind. We thought it was funny. I'm trying to show off my hair but you can't see my lazy updo- I used a hair doughnut.)(This dress is really cute. Don't have a proper pic. I borrowed it from a friend. I love stripes!)

Been doing 'Take Me Out' nights at a local nightclub recently- so much fun and loadsa free drink! Nice!
Finn was christened at Easter. Was a great day. I loved my A-Wear dress. Such a cool colour! :D
(Me and the ladies of the family! I look like I need to pee! Could prob have found a better pic but computer is slooooow at uploading so can't be bothered.)

Ok so all updated! Talk soon!! x