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Friday, 29 April 2011


I have a stone to go!
No longer have internet at home so updates have been few and far between. My bad!
My nephew Finn's Christening was on Sunday and it was a lovely day. I reached my weight target (albeit at top end).
I'm still size 12-14. I'm feeling good and looking forward to getting the next 14lbs off and reassessing my weight/fitness goals as needs be. Hoping that will happen by my birthday in August. It seems like a lot of time but I'm not rushing things. I've definitely realised that forming sustainable habits is more important than reaching dramatic weight targets. That said- I've lost almost 3stone and 3 dress sizes since last Summer which is no mean feat!
With longterm weightloss in mind, I'm not being very strict on myself when it comes to food but just trying to keep the bad stuff to a reasonable volume. That's where I wanted to be all along- to have a lifestyle in which Iwould be just as likely to eat something healthy as unhealthy. I genuinely enjoy healthy food now- almost as much as the yummy unhealthy stuff!
Gym is going well on the days I get there! For example, yesterday I hadnt been in a week so I did 2 hours and a half hours between warm up/ cool-down, fitness ball, an hour of cardio and an hour of weights and then went for an hour-long walk afterwards. Then did an hour of cardio today. Will get there tomorrow for 2 hours and then will be off for the weekend's shenanigans and unhealthiness! Probably back on track Tuesday! That's the usual pattern anyway! As with the food, I really enjoy working out. Some days I can't be bothered but once I go I get red and sweaty and really challenge myself and ignore the pervy lads who like to look at my arse while I'm doing my cardio!
Anyway, there's your update! I have loads of photos coming when I get a chance. Promise!!
Bye for now!