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Friday, 30 July 2010

Weighty stuff

So I have talked briefly in past posts about the fact that I've allowed my weight to creep up. I have said loads of times that I'm going to do something about it and either I don't commit or I do it half-assed/cheat.

I won't go into specifics but I need to lose 30+ pounds and I WILL DO IT THIS TIME!!

I've been eating a lot more healthily, though I still have off-days and allow myself a junk night once a week. I have also been at the gym 5 times a week for the last 3 weeks, usually spending an hour working out and then an hour swimming. I haven't lost much weight but I can see and feel a difference around my waist and bum. I've started as I mean to go on and am really enjoying having a more healthy lifestyle! I'm still pretty unhealthy though. I love crisps, fizzy drinks, Chinese takeaways, wine and fags but now I also love eating 5 portions of fruit and veg, drinking 2 litres of water, lifting weights...

It will be more difficult,though, when I start up at work again as it will be harder to make the time to work out, I won't have company (my mum and 2 sisters use my gym) and I'll be living away from home which means my food supply won't be as varied (the fridge is always soooo full at home because there are lots of us). But hopefully the 6 weeks I have left will be enough time for me to have formed lasting habits and enough of an appreciation for the good stuff to keep up my good habits. I have a tendancy to allow myself too many treats,though, so, from today on, I'm clamping down firmly on that!
Wish me luck!!


GlasgowGalah said...

Wow that's some amazingly hard workouts you've been doing! You're totally on my wave - length.I'm loving the feeling and difference it's making eating more fruit and veg and 'clean' food but totally couldn't live without my wine,vodka,smokes or chocolate.Look forward to reading more.x

P.S. Thanks for dropping by and your lovely comments.