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Friday, 30 July 2010

My hair throughout the years

I saw that someone else had done this on their page so I thought 'hmmm, why not?'! It's fun to gigle at old pictures!

Here I am as a kid with my au-naturelle hair- thick, wavy and black (the second kid if you cant guess):

At 17, same style, little less volume!

With some colour and flicks:



Red bob:

Growing out the bob:

Long and highlighted:

Au-naturelle again with tacky Christmas accessories:

Straight and long with fringe:

Natural with my so-called Katy Perry fringe:

Straight and post-Mum haircut:

Flowers and flicks last weekend:

I go through phases with my hair. There have been more like my red streaks, my red and blonde streaks and other silly teen dos but unfortunately no pics could be found!! It seems I've come full circle and I'm embracing nature at the moment.... for now! :P


Edel McCreanor said...

That dress in the raspberry martinas pic is sooooooo decent

Oh fuck, your word verification needs the letter cue - On-screen keyboard it is.... :p

Ariel said...

I think you look fab with all of them, but especially love the grown-out bob! xxx

Claire M said...

:D cheers! x