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Monday, 18 January 2010

Korean cosmetics

I spent a year in Korea and it was amazing! I am soooo jealous of Korean women! Not only are they really gorgeous but they get to make-up shop for cheap!! Like super-cheap! I still managed to spend soooooooo much money though! Ooops!

Excuse the shitty pictures. My camera is so cute but it sucks! Anyway, here are some of my favourite Korean buys:

I loved eyeshadow shopping! Especially in Toda Cosa. They have every colour! VOV Color Song is fake Mac at a ridiculously low price and in a bajillion colours! I say fake Mac because they've ripped off at least 3 of my Mac eyeshadows to a t, though not the two pictured here. The other ones are all half used up and broken.

They also sell lots of different coloured eyeliners-yay!!!

Skin Food also sell AMAZING shadows of really high quality and in FAB colours!!

Etude House sell my favourite mascara 'Black x Black', great everyday eyeliners and also gorgeous lipsticks that act more like a balm and have really cute packaging.

Another fab version of a big-name cult product is this one:

The Secret is a GREAT fake Benefit Moonbeam highlighter and really cheap!

There are lots of discount shops etc thst sell things like accessories, clothes, stationary etc and also carry cheap-as-chips lashes like Darkness or Echo. They cost prob a quarter of the price you'd pay at home!

Also a must-buy are the sheet masks that are everywhere. In fact you usually get one free with most purchases. My favourite are the Mamonde Nourishing and Brightening ones.

Seriously,some of the best makeup is Korean!!! Cheapness and variety count for a lot but the general quiality really shocked me! I miss it!!!