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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Happy 2010

How crazy that it's a new decade!! Love it! A little scary as this is my decade of mid 20s to mid 30s! :O Which means in 10 years I'll hopefully be a 'proper' adult! haha! I don't think you're ever a 'proper' adult or if you are you shouldnt know that cos it probably means you've stopped having fun!! Hmmm....

So Christmas was lovely. Was so great to have 3 weeks at home with my lovely parents and crazy sisters. Very much a love/hate thing with our family but the love is real! Not going to write about it but here are a couple of pictures. We drank a lot, there was snow and turkey and I got my 88 eyeshadow palette and a FAB Nouba red liquid liner as well as some gifts from people other than myself! haha

Had a fun journey back. Weather was terrible and roads were awful so we came to Dublin the night before (drinking on the train up :) )and stayed in Bewleys which was convenient, cheap and comfy. Got out of Dublin ok in the afternoon; only a 20 minute delay. In Madrid Barajas airport I'm almost sure I saw a dude from my home town. Weird!

We dumped our bags in the bus station lockers and headed into TGI's on the Gran Via for cocktails and food and to perv on the hot waiters! Ate entirely too much and our waiter (not one of the one's I was checkin' out) brought down the bill and said how he wanted to improve his English (mmm hmmm). Tried to tell him we live 4 hours away but he didnt understand (he really coulda used the improvement, haha) and asked for my number. Was so embarassing because it was pretty obvious and the place was SO busy. He didnt have a caer in the world and he was the one working and his managers were like 5 feet away!! Didnt give him my number but gave him my email address cos he was so persistant! Cringe!!

Then we went to drink some wine- beautiful but quadruple the price of our local up North! In this bar we met a girl from our hometown in Ireland! But of course!! The world is too small sometimes!

Finally got the bus back. Got into our apartment at 5 am to find taht the landlady had been in cleaning and had, get this, washed all our clothes and bed sheets. My Goddamned sheets were clean and I dont need you man handlin' my creamy knicks! haha! They weren't creamy, I swear! But still... gross!! I've been washing my own clothes 10 years. I dont need Supergran swooping in pokin through me grundy undies and stinky socks!!

The worst part was the redecoration she had done. She added 2 more posters to my room; Hannah Montana and Camp Rock. Was freaked out enough with Audrey Hepburn staring at me while I slept and the solar system picture is just crappy! >:(
It sucks cos she obviously thinks she's helping and she's really old and has too much energy. There'd be zero point in trying to tell her to change her ways! Guess I gotta live with this invasion and hope that next time I go away, I don't come home to a framed picture of Zac Efron or some shit!!