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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Hi hi! Weight/ fitness updates continue..

So I'm still firmly at 71kg. Not too pissed at that cos I know it takes a bit of a jolt to get stuff moving. I had a good week. I went to the gym 6 days out of the 7- Mon= cardio and legs, Tues= cardio and arms, Wed=cardio, Thurs= cardio, legs, Fri= cardio, arms, Sat= cardio. Also did various Swiss balls excercises throughout. I didnt restrict my food too much, though I was eating 'gym-aware' so had lots of protein, fresh veg and 'good carbs'. Sunday was a total BLOWOUT though! I've eaten pizza, Chinese, crisps, cake, jaffa cakes, Super Noodles, a big cookie and drank copious amounts of wine. :O
Normal services shall be resumed tomorrow!! I think I'm gonna get a bit strict on the food this week- wholesome dinners and  fuel for the day! Problem is the half-jar of Nutella in the cupboard! :(

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

September- where I'm at

I'm baaaack!!
Hi all! So here we go- time for an update! The weather is miserable out there but I'm taking it as a positive.... all these dark days mean it's coming up to Halloween aaaand.... Christmas!! So after the Summer that never was, I'm looking forward to Christmas and it's only mid- September!! Haha!! But, with Christmas, comes my goal weight.... or so I hope. Under 10 stone or broke dudes!!

Sooo... my weight at the moment is 11stone 2lbs. I've re-joined the gym and am gonna go hell for leather on that front, hopefully!! I'm pretty happy with how my body is looking most of the time but I'm jiggling more than I should be after my gym hiatus! I'm really enjoying cooking at the moment. I'm not bothering with calorie counting for the moment. I may get more strict with food in a couple of weeks but, for now I'm just gonna work on getting my fitness back and eating fairly healthy foods and then get tough with the diet side of things as needs be. I tend to eat better when I'm working out anyway, generally.

Photos show the reason for the lack of weight-loss!! Haha!! Pints through straws, Chinese takeaways and Italian food- gotta love Milano though!!
The starry dress and green velvet jacket from the first pic are oooold Primark. I've used a hair doughnut for the updo with a pearl bracelet wrapped around- shame you cant see but it looked very cute!
The polka-dot dress is also Primark. It's my mates and she bought it months ago!! Love it! My leather jacket is a hand-me down. The red striped top is, surprise surprise, Primark!! Pink sunnies too! Nail polish is Collection 2000 Hot Looks in 'Button Moon'.
I've been helping out with the five year olds at my local primary school and researching primary teaching postgrads here in Ireland. I'll have an interview in January. If I dont get a course I'm just going to do another English teaching course and continue the TEFL route.
So, yeah life is good. I hope to be updating my blog again soon with weightloss updates and maybe some recipes. We'll see what happens! ;)