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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Five over-rated things

1.)Ketchup- ew.... just...ew!
2.)Going shopping with friends. Don't get me wrong! I love my friends.... I love clothes.... I don't even mind shopping most days... but watching over people trying on clothes, browsing in shops I don't rate, picking up the same thing as someone else, dealing with other people neurosis' while I want to cry over nothing fitting ME..... no thanks! Luckily everyone I know feels the same! Ha! When you want to try on 10 dresses (often the same style in a variety of sizes, colours and lengths) you don't want to feel guilty for the person outside. When you want to bitch and moan about your fat ass/ big belly/ lack of boobs/ lack of hips./ whatever, maybe you shouldn't. It doesn't usually make you feel any better and it isn't much craic to listen to!
3.)How I Met Your Mother. It's just another reworked Friends working towards the most annoying climax. Why do we even care who the kids' mother is? All the characters know! Only thing that'd impress me is if it turns out to be Barney....... or Susan Boyle!
4.)MAC. Yes, I still fork out occassionally but I can't justify owning a shit-load at their prices. After years of make-up shopping, I know that expensive doesn't necessarilly equal quality.
5.)Kim Kardashian's ass. I'd love to have a J-Lo style bum but Kim's just looks fake. She's had everything else tweaked so I totally believe those implant rumours!


YJ said...

Haha! I love this post!

1. I don't really mind ketchup, but I once saw a woman sucking down little packets of them and it made me want to hurl.

2. I also don't like shopping with friends. I think half of it is because I'm a little ashamed of how much I spend. And I totally agree with you. I want to go shopping for ME! Not so I can share the angst of looking like crap in something.

3. I wholeheartedly disagree with you on this one. I abso-freaking-lutely LOVE HIMYM!

4. Okay yeah, I'm not a huge MAC fan, their foundations make me break out like crazy. But I love how many shades of lipstick they have! Aaaand that's about it. And aside from a few expensive staples, I mostly go drugstore shopping myself.

5. Yeah, sometimes it's too much. Although I am just DYING to know how her bum is so bodacious and she has NO stretch marks OR cellulite!!! I mean, I gain 5 lbs and my hips are stretch mark city!!! Sorry... tmi... =)

Hope you had an awesome Vday!

Claire M said...

Haha I'm with you on 5 YJ! She's a freak of nature- though maybe it's because she's 90% plastic!
Hope you'd a fab V Day and were spoiled rotton!!!

Claire M said...


Claire M said...
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Edel McCreanor said...


And screw you - next time I want to go to Pennys YOU'RE NOT INVITED

Hey - wanna go to Pennys tuesday?