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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

2lbs up and snowed in

So pissed with this weather- snowy and icy sucks, especially with our oil gone in the apartment. All I've wanted to eat for the last few days is crap. I've been doing so well too. The weather is also making my gym visits difficult because the paths on the way are too slippy. I got there today but it wasn't very safe.
Such a bad combo- increased appetite and an inability to work out. Tomorrow I'm going to try to eat well and do some excercising at home. Although, right now I'm feeling ill so hope I'm not coming down with something. :( Bad week in all! >:(


YJ said...

Awww, I've been trying to rid myself of some of this extra 'relationship weight' I've put on too, but it's hard! My metabolism isn't quite what it used to be back when I was a high schooler...

I hope you're not coming down with anything! Vitamin C and Zinc!!

Claire M said...

Full on sick now!! :(
Lots of fluid, big open fire and pjs!