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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Update: weightloss and goals

So I've been AWOL from not just my blog but also the gym. For the whole month of September I'd say I went about 5 times! In my defence, I had a busy month moving home from Spain and then into my new apartment at the beginning of this month. And then my gym membership was up. So, my main focus for the last 6 weeks or so has been weight maintenance til I get back on track and on the fitness shizz again.
So, when I rejoined the gym on Friday, I was really shocked to see that I'd lost another 2lbs! I was really happy with myself, especially when I realised that put me a quarter of the way through my weightloss! :)
It seems like a good time to set out my goals. Some are long shots when it comes to timing but I think that I haven't really tried THAT hard to lose weight- at least diet-wise- so far, so if I can step it up a notch I CAN achieve this!

  • Overall weightloss goal: From 14stone to 10stone 4lbs. (3 stone 10lbs/ 46lbs)
  • Current weight: 13stone 2lbs (12lbs loss)
  • Christmas weight: 12 stone 2lbs **long shot- would be happy to be under 12 and a half
  • Goal weight reached by April 2011 (As of now, 34lbs to go)
I think I lost weight, in spite of not working out, because I was aware that I had to keep myself in check food-wise.
Also, I am drinking less. Over the Summer I'd often be out two nights and then drink in my sister's on another night. These days it's usually one and I've also cut out the random drinks here and there.
Another thing that's really helping is the fact that almost everyone I know is watching their weight at the moment! My best friend/housemate has lost 9lbs in the last 2 weeks! Go her!! And another friend of ours has lost a couple of stone in the last few months and is looking very slim indeed. I think when that happens you really feel that you need to up your game. Three of my sisters have been working out and dieting recently too and they look great! So it's time for me to really get back on track.
One thing I have to watch out for though is post-gym treats! I've been to the gym 3 times since Friday and every time I leave the gym I'm starving and really proud of myself- not a good combo! On Monday I ended up getting a bag of chips to reward myself. Fine once in a while but not a good habit!
Here's another eye look using the 88 Ultra Shimmer palette. I hardly ever wear blue eyeshadow these days so thought it'd be nice for a change from all my neutrals. Also made the mistake of cutting my fringe short again- eugh please GROW!

Finally, I just wanted to thank everyone who reads my blabbering. I'm way behind on my blog reading at the moment so hope everyone is doing well and all my fellow dieters are staying on track. I'm getting the internet soon so will be back to my normal blog stalking/ sporadic posting habits soon.