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Friday, 23 April 2010

A post without pictures

My camera is missing. I am soooo sad! :( I'm hoping it will turn up. I'll know tomorrow. In the meantime some thoughts:

I really don't like MUFE HD foundation. It just does not suit me. In flash photos it looks good but in real life it sucks and gets patchy quickly! I wear it for nights out because it does look good in my pictures but for regular everyday use I'll stick to my Essence foundation because it costs a tenth of the price and does as good a job!!

I miss my makeup!! When my bag was stolen I lost soooo much makeup including MAC and NYX lipsticks. It's a pain in the arse cos I cant get NYX here and ordering sucks because none of the sites I'm familiar with have all the colours I want and I'm only wiling to do one transation as the delivery costs are soooo f'n high!!! And MAC is more expensive here than Ireland. Maybe I'll just keep an eye out on Ebay! :( Damn my shitty luck!! Oh well, it could be worse I suppose!!

My laptop is on it's last legs too. And I've to replace my passport too! And maybe my camera! Damn expensive month!!! : :(