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Sunday, 29 May 2011

So close

I now weigh 11stone 1 lb!! That's 13lb to goal! That's no longer overweight! I am now a healthy weight!! So pleased with myself!
So I've decided that goal is no longer 10stone 4lbs. I'm going to aim for 9stone 12lbs by my birthday in August. Bring it on! :D

Thursday, 19 May 2011


(Primark dress. I paid 15 euro a few weeks ago. It's now selling for 7! Grrr!)
I have been on antibiotics for the last week and ill for 4 days before that so it's been 2 weeks since I set foot in the gym. I'm away for a few days so will probably be Tuesday before I get back into my routine. Weight is the same if not a few lbs up. I have been eating like a mo-fo to make up for feeling like crap!
It's less than a month to my Irish exams and I'm screwed. There is so much to do!!
Loving my new apartment. So warm and cosy. Really missing the internet though! I miss blogging! I'm going to try and get photo up more often and get some proper blogs going again!
(Yes I'm aware there's a toilet behind. We thought it was funny. I'm trying to show off my hair but you can't see my lazy updo- I used a hair doughnut.)(This dress is really cute. Don't have a proper pic. I borrowed it from a friend. I love stripes!)

Been doing 'Take Me Out' nights at a local nightclub recently- so much fun and loadsa free drink! Nice!
Finn was christened at Easter. Was a great day. I loved my A-Wear dress. Such a cool colour! :D
(Me and the ladies of the family! I look like I need to pee! Could prob have found a better pic but computer is slooooow at uploading so can't be bothered.)

Ok so all updated! Talk soon!! x