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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Weightloss/FItness update

  • I think I'm on the road back! I've been to the gym twice this week- yay!!
  • On Monday I did a helluva lot of weights because I really felt that as I hadn't put on weight, I needed to make sure I was doing something for the muscle tone that I had started to develop before I fell off the wagon. So, after an hour walk to get to the gym (I live in the country), I did 30 minutes cardio- 10 on treadmill and 20 on wave machine followed by inner thigh, outer thigh and 3 different sets of upper arm weights and some sit-ups. (I was so proud that I ate some crisps after- bad Claire!)
  • Tonight I did something similar- 10 minutes cross trainer, 20 minutes wave machine followed by some painful situps, inner and outer thigh as well as upper arms. This was followed by 20 minutes of swimming at a fairly leisurely pace. I think that's my winning combo- variety + lots of weights! I just need to step up on the situps aspect because my stomache is still very untoned which sucks as I've definitely slimmed down around my waist in the last couple of months.
  • Food-wise I've been good(ish) since Monday, though I'm still a late night snack fiend. I'm just trying to keep myself full during the day in as a healthy a way as possible so if I want to be bad in the evening it isn't a total disaster. I know that it's VERY BAAAAAAD to eat at night but I stay up late and it's force of habit which has been made worse by my teaching hours over the last 2 years. It's EVEN worse now that I'm unemployed. At least I can stay up late most nights anyway- what with having nothing to wake up for!!
  • Anyway, point being; weighed myself again tonight and I'm still the same. I'm very pleased with that. I wasn't expecting a loss, was just frightened I'd have put on weight! Hopefully I can settle into a routine again soon. Problem is my gym membership is up this week and I'm moving this weekend so I'm going to be too busy to change gym AND work out when it's the weekend and there is moving to be done and beverages to be consumed. Oh dear! I'll keep you guys posted and, in the meantime, will try to be healthy so I can report some weightloss again!!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Divine Dark Lipsticks

  • Seeing as Autumn has well and truely arrived, fashion magazines will dictate it's time to darken up your look. I have no problem with channelling my inner goth but don't really want to end up looking like Marilyn Manson.
  • Therefore, quality and quantity are both to be observed in achieving a balanced and pretty dark lip look. My favourite lipstick brand is definitely Guerlain. Their Kiss Kiss lippies are old school luxe with a gorgeous formula that's easily applied. They smell lovely and the colours are rich and beautiful.
Guerlain Kiss Kiss Extreme Rouge Infini(120)

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Folie de Grenat(525)

  • If you don't care about the luxurious aspect, then try NYX Round lipsticks. I'd recommend Snow White for that dark Autumnal red wine look.
NYX Round lipstick in Snow White (569)

Lipgloss addicts should try this offering from Rimmel if you can find it.

Rimmel Volume Boost Liquid Lipcolour in Lavish (050)

I found mine in a discount store. It's very pigmented, has a glassy appearance and has that lip plumping tingle.

  • I have seen dark brown lips around this season but I'm sorry- ew! I loved trying on my Mum's Rimmel Heather Shimmerback in the day but now it just looks so dated to me. And noone wants to look like they've been felching!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A short one about cheap lipgloss

A few weeks ago, in spite of owning far too much makeup, I felt the need to buy some new lipgloss. Luckily I was quite skint so didn't end up with Lancome or MAC (though I never buy MAC lipgloss, to be fair)! Instead I popped into Boots and had a look at lower end makeup. There was a 3 for 2 offer on Collection 2000 so it seemed rude not to! My sister got one and I got the other two.

Although incredibly gimmicky, Hotlights is just a regular run of the mill gloss. It's not incredibly pigmented but that's kind of a plus in my book as it matches with more lipsticks. Neither is it vilely sticky and gloopy, which is something I can't bear. As you can see from the pictures, the colours are inoffensive but pretty enough to bring some shine to your lipsticks or just polishing up a daytime minimal look. The light and mirror aspect is not something that would make me rush out to buy it but I'm sure it appeals to some younger girls! So, if you see these on offer again, they're worth trying out .



Friday, 24 September 2010

Much needed update

Spongebob has his dick out!
Oh dear! I am extremely sucky! I have totally neglected my bloggy world recently. Oooops! So here comes the update:
My hair looks well strange here but I haven't changed it.
  • I decided Spain was no longer viable- in order to do my post grad next year or the year after, I need to be Ireland-based (to get a grant). This sucks immensely because I LOVED my Spanish life but, then, what's not to love about four day weeks, a great work environment complete with hilarious students and great bosses, and, of course, crazy weekends?! But that is, in the end, is liiiife! Not going to get all boo hoo, even if Ireland has ZERO jobs for people like me! I'm moving into a fun apartment with my best mate and we're going to be dole scum for a while!!! Haha! I will miss the perving on Spanish men but am already being a total sex-pest to at least one lad and have a couple of "options" if I get real desperate!!! Hahaha! And I have never really lived in my hometown as an adult so at least I'll experience that!
  • Edel and I were in Spain last week tying up the loose ends. It was fun and sad at the same time. (The photos are some random ones from the week there. Very, very random ones!)
  • I have been taking pictures with the intention of blogging on myriad topics. As soon as I get a little more settled those will start to appear!
I just find this creepy somehow!
  • I have been listening to some great music so will be posting some of that probably too.
  • I have almost totally fallen off the gym/ diet wagon over the last three weeks so very much need to get back to brass tacks. I have not gained weight though and have made it to the gym a few times. I'm still at 84 kg where I was 89 when I first returned to using weighing scales'! (Haha!) I am motivated enough that I think I can get to 12 stone-ish by Christmas. (Weighing myself in kilos at the gym but still think in pounds and stone. I have around one and a half stone that I want gone by Christmas.)
Random parade shiz!
  • I have kinda been following all my blogs but have probably missed loads and it bugs me! Hope you guys haven't been up to too much! :P
  • I still suck at formatting these posts. I could really use some lessons on how to use Blogger! Sorry peeps. I suck!
And that's about it for now. I hope all you guys are well. Please , as always, feel free to comment, email, whatever! Thanks for reading!!

Monday, 20 September 2010


Back shortly. I promise!!!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Weight-loss update

I had a crazy weekend of drinking and eating waaaay too much. I was visiting friends so that was my excuse. When I last went to the gym (Saturday), I'd lost 2 more pounds. I was all excited but then the diet went totally by the wayside as I was away from home and partying. I ate chips 3 days running and had pizza twice and a chinese too. That's on top of a lot of beer, gin and shots! Eurgh! So tomorrow I'm back at the gym and I'm so worried I'm gonna be up like 4lbs! :( Back to reality from now on. I'm heading back to Spain in a week and a half and would love to have lost another 4lbs to make it a full stone of weightloss. (It's actually more I'd say but I wasn't weighing myself when I first came home. I've only been counting since around the 10th of July. Anyway, camera is still out of action but here are some pics from Sunday night when my friend Charlene was getting camera happy(and pervin on my arse, haha)! Blouse and skirt are from New Look, tights are by Pretty Polly from and shoes are Primark from last year.