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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Birthday Belly Blowout

  • I'm so badass! I've not calorie counted today and neither have I finished eating! It's my birthday! Screw it!
  • I had strawberries and green tea for breakfast as my stomach felt a bit wonky so didn't want to eat much.
  • Then I went and got my hair done. It took 3 to go from blacky-brown to blacky brown with golden(yellow) highlights. (I got a base colour but I can't see a difference really except for the extra shine.) Ha ha! That sounds utterly vile but it's actually nice! In the daylight it's quite bright and the golden-ness kinda clashes with the green of my eyes in a good way. I also got a trim and she thinned it out loads to make it more manageable and give me my waves back as my hair was so heavy that it was drying a lot flatter than usual. It feels sleek and glossy and looks brighter and makes a nice change!

Before and feeling nervous (I'm such a ham):
After (this is indoors with flash- outside in daylight it's brighter and lighter):
  • By the time I was finished at the salon I was starving and ate a packet of onion rings, a mini cottage pie and a Milky Bar desert! Haha! Three course meal! Fuck it though, I've been very good and it's my birthday.
  • I've just eaten some extra garlicky home-made garlic bread, heavy on the garlic and I will shortly be chowing down on some pizza!
  • Tomorrow I'm having lunch at the Chinese with the girlies! As long as I avoid the fried rice, the foods I like there aren't too bad, calorie-wise. That's good as I'm pretty sure I'll be having some beverages after! Not too many tough as we'll be celebrating on Saturday!
  • It's my birthday and I'm a p.i.g.!!! :P
  • Come Monday it's back to the diet!


Blossom said...

Love the hair colour! Happy birthday!

Claire M said...

thanks!! :)

Miss Frangipani said...

Love the fringe - very Bettie Pagesque.And did you know calories don't count on your birthday weekend????? Thems the rules! ;) xx

Dani M said...

Love the new hair! looks hot!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Cute hair! And I second the comment above, calories don't count on your birthday! x