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Saturday, 19 December 2009

I <3 make-up

I am obsessed with make-up. I don't go out without my face on! Make-up rules! It doesn't matter if it's cheap or too expensive for me to justify, if it's pretty, I want it! Eyeshadows, eyeliners and red lipsticks in particular can get me very excited!

Some favourites include:

Any Mac eyeshadow! Everyone and their daughter will rave about Mac. For me, it's their selection of colours and textures that have real pulling power. I'm not above resorting to cheapies but Mac's variety mean I will always check back. Some favourites include:
Bronze, Tempting, Deep Truth and Nocturnelle.

I also LOVE my Mac Pigment in Copper Sparkle.

Urban Decay Deluxe palette. It is just beautiful. The colours are stunning, the packaging rocks- purple velvet and chainmail anyone?! and they have real staying power.

Collection 2000 Dazzle Me. As I said, I really love cheapie make-up and this range of colourful shimmery loose powders get my vote. I owned 4 or 5 but lost them so I'm down to 'Tinkerbell' and 'Illusion'(the two in the centre). Illusion is my great love. It is HOT pink which I wear with lots of eyeliner...

like Gosh Black Ink...

or Rimmel Exaggerate liquid eyeliner.

For lips, I adore red! I usually wear it with a browny eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner and sometimes false lashes.

I usually wear a red Elizabeth Arden lipstick that my aunt gave me. It's lovely- a perfect shade of red flecked with gold. Very wearable. I dont know the shade because it broke- hope I can find it again when I need to!

Another one I really like is Givenchy Kiss Kiss in Folie de Grenat: a dark gothic-y red. Very fancy-pants packaging and really creamy finish with a nice taste. It really feels like a grown-up lippie!

Last night I ordered that 88 shimmer e/s palette everyone is raving about on the beauty blogs. I'm very excited to try it out!! :)